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  1. CL Programmers Group

    #730062014-04-12 10:59:45 *Warlock said:

    http://thecolorless.net/uploads/2291/Py_original.jpg The next meeting will take place next Friday at 4pm Eastern!

    Yes, hello! For those of you interested in programming, this thread will serve as our base of operations. There are requirements to join this group on CL, which are as follows!

    To be a part of this group and to maintain membership one must be:

    • Interested in programming
    • Willing to learn
    • Actually willing to contribute(This can be done in many ways)
    • Committed to attendance at meetings(2 initial meetings mandatory to gain membership)

    Meetings will be held in chat under the channel /coding/. Here, we will show off our work on personal projects, discuss group projects, etc.. The goal of this group is to further your own coding abilities, promote teamwork, and to provide a place for us to discuss such material on The Colorless!

    Currently, only the languages Java, Visual Basic, C#, and C++ are allowed to be used in this group. Discussion of other languages is fine, but when we do projects we will not be using other languages. The primary language initially we will be using is Java or Visual Basic. We will eventually ease our way into C# & C++ as members feel more confident, and when time allows.

    Participating members will gain a badge eventually signifying that they are a member of this group. @Warlock is the President of the group and has the power to kick members for not following the group guidelines, and for being disruptive to the cause. Those who do not show up at meetings for extended periods of time are subject to being kicked from the group, and their badges removed.

    We will be using the program TortoiseSVN to collaborate on approved projects in the future and using an svn account at assembla.com(I suggest every member register there). However, I will discuss this more with members at a later date once I see how well members are grasping things.

    Activities will begin for this group on May 2nd. Please mark your calendars! If you are interested, feel free to post saying that you'll be joining us at our first meeting!

    Official Memberlist:

    • KittyCat
    • Teil
    • Warlock
    • Giyuo
  2. #730072014-04-12 11:06:17 *Warlock said:

    CL Programmer's Group Daily Work Schedule:


    • Install Netbeans/Java Development Kit bundle. Download here

    • Create a program to sum two integers, store the sum, and then output the sum.

    • Use the previous program, but now allow user-input for the two integers.


    • Create a program and set up an array.

    • Use the previous program, but now print the contents of the array


    • Reviewed arrays

    • Set up an array and set the fifth cell to the String "fabulous"

    • Create a program with an array datatype of your choice, and print the contents

  3. #730402014-04-12 17:04:53Teil said:

    I'm talking a computer science course and we've been studying java as of late. Naturally, I'm still the newest of the new at this kind of stuff but it sounds like a lot of fun and a great learning experience. I'm not sure if you'd rather keep the members somewhat professional, but if you'll have a beginner like me, I'm game.

  4. #730552014-04-12 19:19:44Xyopq said:

    I know a little of each and am using C# in Unity for my games. I'll be interested in improving though, as I'm still relatively new compared to my web coding. I think I'm on holiday the 2nd though :-/

  5. #730722014-04-13 00:17:56 *HumanInterfaceDisorder said:

    Sounds great! I work entirely in C / C++, and the only other language I'd studied is Assembly (rarely use, but nice to know for debugging). I don't really know Java worth a damn, but it'll be a great way to get more acquainted with the language until the group moves on to my


  6. #731112014-04-13 18:08:00Gwynn said:

    I have a small ammount of experience with a lot of languages: C, C++, Python, Java ~ just not much follow through ^_^

    So, this sounds like fun.

  7. #745162014-05-01 10:47:11Dark-B said:

    Is the current time for the meeting going to be for every time?

    Because 7 pm eastern is at 1 am for me, which is going to be a problem for the start of the meeting.

  8. #745292014-05-01 15:56:57 *Warlock said:

    Well, I was planning to see who actually comes to participate, then decide on meeting times which most would be able to make. I can show up at 6pm if it helps for you. Any earlier might be tough for me.

  9. #745382014-05-01 16:28:20Dark-B said:

    Well, since tomorrow is Friday, and today is the weekend I can make time to show up at 12 am. Don't think I can last long, but depends.

    But for the meeting, how much time will it take anyway?


  10. #745312014-05-01 16:04:42Kuroba_Loki said:

    So, as I see it, you'll only discuss C#/c++, browser/internet pl's, and mobile apps?

    I might join in, since I know a thing or two about PHP, CSS, HTML, android and c# and c++ :3

    I wanted to see talking about python, java, and the like though :D

    PS. C++/C# > VB :3

  11. #745342014-05-01 16:08:03Warlock said:

    We're doing Java first. I don't think we'll get to php/html though. C# & C++ will be after we've graduated from Java. Though, I'd like to fit Visual Basic in before that as well. So, we can get the general idea, and then dump it for C#, then move onto C++.

  12. #745392014-05-01 16:29:56Dark-B said:

    Well, no need to worry at least VB is a language I progressed in a lot, so I know my general outline with it(hopefully).

  13. #745462014-05-01 17:48:57Frey said:

    @Kuroba_Loki I don't think C/C++ is basic at all. Neither do I think JAVA or C# is. If anything JAVA is a little bit simpler in that it makes some stuff in C/C++ less complicated like garbage collection. So it's okay to start with any of the 3 languages imo. They're pretty similar from the start anyway haha.

  14. #745482014-05-01 18:04:51Kuroba_Loki said:

    @frey I know this haha but for me, c++ was taught first, then c# then java~

    So basically...I dunno XD

    but yes, I agree that they're almost the same :D

    Only that C#'s ui is more easily made than java XD

  15. #747082014-05-03 00:20:24 *Warlock said:

    05/02/14 - Day 1 Attendance:

    • Warlock
    • Dark-B
    • Kittycat
    • Teil
    • Frey
    • HououinKyouma
    • Rebel
    • ChaosV

    I'm hoping everyone had fun for the first meeting. I realize it might have been a bit basic. However, everyone was engaged and I'm hoping to see you all at the next meeting as well! Everyone did a good job.

    The next meeting will take place next Friday at 4pm Eastern!

  16. #747172014-05-03 02:25:45Juke16 said:

    I totally pwned a programming course, only programmed in C++ once, still got 80% thanks to 1337 Java h@x0r sk1lls, do I count?

  17. #748332014-05-04 16:55:45 *Kairna-kun said:

    Am I late for the party? I want to join!

    EDIT: 4PM Eastern is 4AM here, I don't know if I could join the chat. But I'll do the exercises!. I'm sorry ;~;

  18. #752722014-05-09 23:46:28 *Warlock said:

    CL Programmers Group meeting will be held at a later date, which will most likely be a weekday next week. I apologize for not getting back to you guys sooner on it. However, there was some unforeseen issues with my computer today. So, I'll be off the internet for a day or two!