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  1. What would you do with the power of Geass?

    #732572014-04-15 19:43:51--Jack-- said:

    In the anime Code Geass...

    Lelouch vi Britannia is a young man who obtains a power known as Geass. There are multiple forms of Geass present, and owned by many characters in the story, but we'll only be focusing on the one Lelouch has.

    Lelouche's Geass is one of control & command, similar to hypnotism. Here's it's abilities and restrictions:

    • When making eye contact, the user can command someone to perform any task or request.

    • The person who is under the influence of Geass is not aware of their actions pertaining to the requested task.

    • Once used, the Geass will not have effect on a person for a second time (i.e. The Geass can only be used once per person).

    • Requests should not be impossible (i.e. "Fly away into the sky" wouldn't work).


    What would you do with this power?

  2. #732582014-04-15 19:53:11 *Mau said:
    Simple: Mind control people at my local banks to give me an ample amount of money, use said money to fly to Japan and go to Sunrise where I would then mind control the staff to begin producing a new season for Tiger and Bunny.

    I would also force them to denounce Code Geass and make a formal apology for it.

    Then I would head home, and live the rest of my life quietly.
  3. #732832014-04-16 00:49:13johan_5179 said:

    ^President Mau has it right. This is exactly what is needed.

    (Again, the Geass isn't that awesome, you can only use it once and stuff. Gimme the Mystic eyes of Death Perception. That is where its at.)

  4. #732722014-04-15 22:54:14Rinneko said:

    I would use it in emergency situations. Also, on particularly uncooperative group members during project work.