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  1. The Colo(u)rless UK

    #732662014-04-15 22:11:46 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Calling all Brits. Your country needs you!

    So this thread is for all you tea drinking, scone eating, rain dodging, sarcastic chaps and chapettes from our fairest isle. There's a growing number of us in the CL family and I thought it would be nice to awkwardly exchange knowing glances and think of Queen and Country together. Also, I was going to post a few animu/manga/interesting things going on in Blighty.

    Kindly drop a line at our clubhouse or post below if you're a fellow subject of Her Britannic Majesty (non-subjects are also welcome but you will probably want to avoid the spotted dick).

    23rd - 25th May 2014 - ComicCon London Is basically the biggest comic/animu/manga/cosplay/whatever event in the UK. It's got a tonne of interesting stuff this year but is also IN THE MIDDLE OF GODDAM EXAM SEASON!! There is a ComicCon Manchester 19th - 20th July too if you miss this. Probably one in Birmingham as well if you don't mind entering that pit of despair.

    21st - 22nd June 2014 - SunnyCon is some anime con in the north of England. I've never heard of it but the website displays some very funny (TERRIBLE) cosplay.

    5th - 6th July 2014 - London AniCon is some kind of anime and gaming con. Sounds kinda cool to me.

    Note: I'll be updating this with more stuff when I find it.

  2. #737942014-04-22 13:39:26abinit123 said:

    Kate Middleton Wipes Prince George's Drool On Her Designer Dress And Proves She's Just Like Us

    The teething royal got a little over-excited when meeting his namesake bilby at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

    Well someone has to wipe the royal dribble and the nanny had the day off!

    Kate Middleton might be a Duchess now but she proved she’s just like any other young mum this weekend when she and Prince William brought Prince George to Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

    The young family was being given a tour of the bilby enclosure at the Australian zoo where they met George the bilby, who was named after the young prince.

    Human George got rather excited when he came face to face with the furry marsupial.

    The Duchess of Cambridge was caught short when teething Prince George started dribbling and had to wipe the royal chin with just her hand, before subtly wiping it on her custom made designer summer dress.

    It was a classic mum move that will no doubt further endear her to the public as she proves she really is just like the rest of us.

    why the hell is this all the British news is about!

  3. #833392014-10-07 08:24:24Xyopq said:

    Probably a little late, but if you're free this weekend and love games, then the PLAY Expo is the place to be. Went a couple of years ago and they had a load of pinball/arcade machines and lots of retro consoles as well as the Wii U before it was out in the UK. This year, I believe they have the Occulus Rift.

  4. #919172015-09-05 16:55:15Taro_Tanako said:

    So, I'm reviving this thread cos..well..Britain..

    What's going on in the UK that could be of interest to Colo(u)rless peeps?

    J-Con (25-26 Sep 2015, Derby UK)

    East Midlands anime and manga convention.

    They have screenings, bands, workshops, otaku bring and buy, and a loli tea party.

    Doki Doki (7 Nov 2015, Manchester UK)

    A Japanese Festival event in The North. It's called Doki Doki!!

    More of a cultural festival than a geeky con (although they appear to have anime and cosplay so I may be wrong), they have talks on Japanese culture, learning Japanese, and A MAID CAFE!

    MCM London Comic Con (23-25 Nov 2015, London UK)

    One of the UKs largest comic cons with EVERYTHING a geek could want!

    Seriously, these cons are huge! You wanna meet Dr Who cast members, gamers (Keyori is always at these I think), cosplayers, obscure actors? Go to this.

    Hyper Japan UK (27-29 Nov 2015, London UK)

    A great opportunity to do some weeb shit and buy stuff for maybe Christmas and whatevs. There will be amazing Japanese food too!

    Events include a CosPlay parade, Christmas market for all your imported needs, anime screenings, cultural stalls, and FOOOOOOOOOOD. They even have some odd art and performance stuff I think.

    Looks pretty fun and exciting.

  5. #919462015-09-07 20:15:13Ipotane said:

    @Tanabe PCC also have hilarious quote alongs for The Room and other events of the sort.

    @Taro_Tanako There's a really nice ramen shop down Brewer Street (Near Piccadily Circus) which funnily enough is called Taro's you should totally check it out if you haven't already

  6. #919632015-09-09 10:45:15O-Ned said:

    Gasp that diner list will come in useful, had enough of going to chinatown all the time for food while there, not a fan of duck me.

  7. #1017132016-04-26 20:06:51Taro_Tanako said:

    For all you Brits who are suffering through all the crap about the EU Referendum here's something amusing...

    Prob worth saying that a vote to stay or leave doesn't effect our membership of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

  8. #1017412016-04-27 16:56:45Taro_Tanako said:

    @Kirn You have no idea how terrifying this vote is going to be. Basically, nobody seems able to predict how stupid the British voters are going to be. The latest polls suggest 47% to stay and 41% to leave, but it's so close.