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  1. Request me things

    #7332011-12-26 22:24:26 *Ashkachan said:

    Blah, since the old thread is gone, go ahead and re-request things from me! (Plus I added a new rule.)

    I am going to do:

    5 manga colorings [2/5]

    7 wallpapers [0/7]

    20 avatars [1/20]

    10 etc (signatures, PSP wallpapers, whatever.) [3/10]


    -I am slow with things, if you complain about me being too slow for you, then I won’t do your graphic at all. -Nothing too complicated please. Nothing too low-res either. -Please give me the size wallpaper that you want me to do. -If you want me to post your graphic on my DA, please tell me if I can. -If you want me to color a manga scan, please give me a reference sheet for the character. I do not know every manga in the world. -Please don’t be rude in requesting something. -I don’t do website layouts. -It does not have to be anime related. It can be TV show, movie, and video game related. -No gore or nudity. -I really don't want to do dounjinshi scans, mainly because (most) doujin artists put out 'NO SHARING OUR DOUJIN' everywhere. Please don't complain, I don't want to get yelled at for coloring a doujin scan, that's all.

  2. #7452011-12-26 22:47:13break said:
    ah right i did request you to coulour this

    color scheme for ilya herself:

    color scheme for th clothes:
    (Invalid img)
  3. #132932012-02-17 12:27:33momo said:

    To be honest, I haven't the slightest clue if you're a decent artist. This isn't meant to be an affront, only expressing my lack of knowledge regarding your style and skills.

    Assuming you are open to drawing something original (with references) and are a decent artist, I'd like to request a 1920x1080 wallpaper. I won't divulge what it is here until I know your skill/style, as to not kill the queue if I am mistaken in what you are offering.