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  1. An Introduction and Beginners Guide to Warframe: Ninjas in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

    #734122014-04-18 02:20:57 *Jacek said:


    What is Warframe?

    Warframe is a FTP TPS MMO developed by Digital Extremes. It's set in space and is a "sequel" to the old game, also made by Digital Extremes, Dark Sector.

    Who are you?

    In Warframe you are "Tenno." Tenno are, essentially, ninjas that are neutral in faction and their job is to maintain balance and order in space between the two warring factions, the Corpus and Grineer.

    In the actual game you take on the appearance of multiple different characters, or frames. These frames all come with their own unique set of abilities to help you battle anyone you come across. Currently there are 19 different frames. What makes the frames unique, other than their abilities, is their theme. Each frame is either based on an element, animal, or specific playstyle. There is truly a frame for everyone.

    What do you do in Warframe?

    In Warframe you go around the solar system participating in various missions with differing game types. The most common are Exterminate, Defense, Survival, and Sabotage. In

    Exterminate you have a set number of enemies that you go out and kill. Once you kill them all, you're done.

    Defense or Endless Defense is a mission where you have protect a pod from waves of enemies. At 5, 10, 15, 20, etc waves you get the option to take all of the experience you earn/items you find and leave or continue fighting.

    Survival is a mission type where you have limited oxygen and is timed. There will periodically be spawned oxygen stations that you can use to regen 30% of your oxygen. Enemies also drop smaller version that only restore a little bit. Every 5 minutes you get a mod, money, crafting resources, of "Void Keys."

    Sabotage is where you go onto an enemy ship, find a power core, and destroy it. Once it's destroyed, you can leave. Very rarely there will be an alternative objective, but when there is it's usually a rescue or exterminate mission.

    How does it play?

    As stated above it's a TPS and the only thing I personally can compare it to is something like Mass Effect. My favorite thing about Warframe is simply the different ways you can play. If you're the type to run and gun with some assault rifle, you can do that. If you like precise snipers, you can do that. Rockets? You can do it. Bows? You can do it. Melee? Hell yes (and they actually just recently updated the melee system to make it more diverse between weapons, and even then the same weapon can be used multiple different ways with combos and stances).

    Getting started

    Your first frame

    When you first make an account you get to pick your starter frame. This is the frame you will learn the game with. Currently I think the frames are Mag, Exaclibur, and Volt.

    Mag is somewhat squishy frame that uses magnetic force to move enemies, restore shields, attract bullets, and crush her foes

    Excalibur is a very well rounded frame. Average in every way, he comes with damage dealing as well as utility abilities.

    Volt is a caster, specializing in electricity. Volt can stun enemies, provide cover, enhance your party's overall speed, and if he needs to, send out waves of electronic energy to destroy anyone that comes close.

    Your first frame comes with their 4 main abilities that are unranked. Ranking will be down lower.

    Your first frame also comes with at least a starting gun (back when I started they gave you a sword as well but I honestly don't know if that's still the case this was back in closed beta).

    Gotta Craft Them All

    Your starting frame is only that, a starting frame. While all three of those are actually viable at the higher levels, there are other frames that are less easy to obtain that are better for different situations. Almost every planet has a boss, and this boss has a chance to drop either weapon blueprints, parts for weapons, or Frame blueprints. Once you collect all of the parts for a frame, you head to the market and buy the blueprint for the frame you're trying to build.

    For example, the first boss Jackal on the second planet you will play on drops the blueprints for the tank Frame Rhino. You kill Jackal enough times you get the Chassis blueprint, the Systems blueprint, and the Helmet blueprint. Once you craft these you can combine them with the Rhino blueprint you buy from the market. Each Frame costs 75k-100k credits to build, so they will take some time.

    Weapons are exactly the same as frames, but cost considerably less. Some starting weapons can be bought without crafting and I highly recommend you buy the Braton as soon as you can. The starting weapon, Mk-1 Braton, is just a worse version of it.


    Mods play a large part of how you play the game. There are Frame mods, Rifle mods, Shotgun mods, pistol mods, melee mods, aura mods, and stance mods. Each of these mods customize and upgrade your Frame and weapons. For all examples I'll go over Frame mods.

    Like I said before, when you get your first frame you get 4 unranked ability mods. These have their own polarities which are the symbol in the upper right hand corner. If you put a mod in it's matching polarity slot, the cost of it is reduced. If you put it in a non-matching polarity, the cost increases. If you put it in a blank slot, it stays the same. You can polarity slots later in the game with special items.

    You can rank these mods up and any other mods you find with Fusion Cores. Fusion Cores drop randomly from enemies you fight (like mods). Depending on the rarity of the core, the rarity of the mod you're upgrading, and the current rank, it can either be cheap or expensive to upgrade. Generally to upgrade an ability mod from Uranked to 3 it'll cost 3000-4500. Which may seem like a lot but it really isn't, you'll earn money out the wazoo.


    I'll keep this brief since it'd be too long to write up about every single test. Basically, when you level up weapons and frames you get mastery points. Mastery rank dictates what you can and can't craft. Each time you fill up the bar you're going to be tasked with a test. The early ones are very basic and easy and the latter ones are actual tests of your speed, accuracy, and parkour abilities.

    Unwritten Rules of the Warframe community

    Each gaming community has their own set of unwritten rules and Warframe is absolutely no different. Warframe, above anything, is a team game. When someone gets downed they go into a bleeding state and can be revived. Always revive a fallen teammate unless they say otherwise. Preferably clearing out most immediate threats so when they do get up they aren't instantly killed again.

    When mods drop it's generally a good idea to mark them using the key "G". Resources are a good thing to mark as well, but not so much in the early stages of the game. In fact, marking mods is only useful if you're in a group full of new players.

    In summery, Warframe even though it's in open beta is a very solid game. It has it's issues and can feel a bit grindy, but it's a very fun and somewhat relaxing game depending on what you're doing. If you like ninjas, space, and doing parkour with wonky physics, it's worth a shot.

    Currently there is no guild specifically for Colorless and quite honestly the amount of work and money needed to go into it isn't worth it.

    Colorless Players:

    Jacek - shliu

    Teru - EvanMorgans

    Helpful Links

    Warframe Wikia: warframe.wikia.com/wiki/WARFRAME_Wiki

    Warframe Crash Courses:

    Take these with a grain of salt, they're somewhat outdated but still give a basic overview of the class and how it works.

    Weapon Reviews/other Crash Courses: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJpk1Jz4H-zUP0b9YrG8iMITY2MLzlFnj

    Also take this with a grain of salt, from what I've watched he doesn't fully understand the purpose of some of the frames because of the lack of time spent playing, but again they provide a good overview of the class, it's role, and how it works.

  2. #734682014-04-18 20:40:58TeruShinozaki said:

    Needs moar pics

    Also, I know you've mentioned to me before, but only in passing and not in very much detail but will Warframe ever really support cross-platform compatibility between PC and PS4 players? Only thing I've found on the issue as I googled was outdated information about DE announcing that they ARE pushing for cross-plat, but nothing much after that.

  3. #734732014-04-18 23:12:40hellstorm901 said:

    I've played this on PS4 for quite some time and it's very fun and you can enjoy the game without paying a penny, if you work you ass off at times for mats to make equipment that is.

    The invasion special events can be really great to play, teaming up with one of the factions you've previously been fighting in order to fight the other faction or infestation is amazing. But in my opinion teaming up with Corpus is the best as their energy weapons just kick ass.

    Grineer are just fun to kill.

  4. #735082014-04-19 12:11:28Jacek said:

    will Warframe ever really support cross-platform compatibility between PC and PS4 players?

    They will but I haven't heard any updates about it. I'm sure they've been too busy pushing out U13 and dealing with the DDoS they recently went through. It may also be an issue with Sony's side, I know that the PS4 gets updates fairly slower than PC. But I have no doubt that it will happen when it's ready.

  5. #735202014-04-19 14:37:36Xyopq said:

    I'm on the PS4 version and have started a Clan, but haven't put a massive amount into it. I've gotten all the schematics for the Rhino, but am not far enough into the game to get the materials which sucks. Still, I enjoy it and would recommend it but it is very grindy without buying the overpriced currency.

  6. #777272014-06-07 15:39:45Jacek said:

    Bumping because of recent talk about Warframe.

    There has been a number of updates in game as well, mostly a few weapons and spell effects. Probably some optimization as well. One of the newer things they added taken straight from Diablo is all rare mods now glow orange instead of blue and have a beam shooting out of them just like legendary drops. Keep an eye out.

  7. #1095152017-03-12 19:57:49 *--Jack-- said:

    I'm resurrecting this thread from the dead since I started playing warframe. Although Jace has moved on to other things and isn't on CL anymore, I can safely say the main post is still accurate, although there are a few more aspects to the game that have been added.

    Here's Totalbiscuits informative video on what the game basically is:

    IGN - JackColor

  8. #1095332017-03-14 17:53:40Wolfangle said:

    IGN - PsyroPunk

    Currently in the works of waiting for my ash prime. We should have like a CL Skype Warframe group, since it is co-op