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  1. Anime/ Manga/ Visual Novel Query Thread

    #734432014-04-18 16:43:38 *Cenica said:

    This is Not an Anime Recommendation Thread.

    If you find a picture or video, and happen to be wondering what manga, anime, or visual novel it might have come from, feel free to post it here in the hopes that other community members might know where it originated.

    Some Rules to Help Keep Things Organized:

    1. Answer in subposts beneath the original post.
    2. Be sure to use the user's full name in your post when answering so the user knows that they received a reply.
    3. NSFW material or photos should be placed in a spoiler. (ex. as follows without a space between the exclamation points and the brackets: !!! [pic here] Take the space out and it looks like so: pic here )
    4. As this is not a recommendation thread such posts will be deleted.

    Good luck!

  2. #734802014-04-19 02:47:29 *Cenica said:

    @Rinneko Hm. Yes. I should probably put that as a rule. I'd allow if you put in spoilers but not really sure how well other people would accept that. I'd probably have to change the thread to nsfw. I guess I could do that also.

  3. #740412014-04-24 12:14:32Dark-B said:

    So, in order to put this thread to good use, I just came across a gif while searching google and found these:

  4. #755972014-05-14 02:48:08 *Frey said:

    Pro-Tip: Google's reverse image search is sometimes helpful when searching for anime, manga and visual novel images/gifs. Might save some time.

    I don't have a picture but I hope this counts.

    I'm looking for this anime I watched as a kid. I've been searching for this for years already.

    It's this guy who raises this pocket knife, then glows green, then a giant mecha arrives from nowhere. He then levitates to the said mecha and does a pose like this:

    Then merges to the mecha. He controls the mecha like G Gundam style whithout all the technology, just light everywhere, and somehow he is naked.

    It's not Escaflowne, G Gundam, Ninja Senshi Tobikage and Tekkaman Blade.


  5. #763162014-05-21 06:09:31 *Momimochi said:

    Genesis of Aquarion?

    I mean, I don't know what approximate year you mean when you say "as a child,".so this could be in your teen years for all I know.

  6. #763172014-05-21 06:12:10Frey said:

    Oh sorry, I watched It around early 2000's maybe 01/02/03. Not Genesis of Aquarion, closest I found so far is Tekkaman Blade. But He's not using a knife nor merge the same way I remember it.

  7. #763192014-05-21 06:49:14Frey said:

    No, I already checked those 3, It's impossible to be zoids and monster rancher even hahaha. I gave up...I think it's just a messed up memory of tekkaman blade.

  8. #921452015-09-22 19:42:32Kirn said:

    This is cover art for the "Shonen Manga: Action-Packed!" Never heard of it, never saw it, no idea what it is.

  9. #921962015-09-24 22:04:59Clever said:

    @Cenica, this is a really good idea for a thread.

    I have one for you guys, I remember there was one Gundam-esque anime from my childhood where the guy wasn't in a traditional cockpit, rather he was in a room in the mecha which made the mech move when he moved. If that makes sense. I remember him wearing a suit that looked a lot like NGE's, and....well that's all I got.

    Thanks :3c

  10. #921982015-09-24 23:22:37Momimochi said:

    I want to say Macross Frontier but I am like, 90% sure they actually have a cockpit and they control it by controls from what I remember like over a decade ago.

    I'm thinking Genesis of Aquarion but they were Sailor Moon transformation glitter naked half the time ahue.