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    #734622014-04-18 18:51:58 *--Jack-- said:


    When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce - an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Brace your loins with up to four players to run ‘n’ gun as dozens of different bros and eliminate the opposing terrorist forces that threaten our way of life.


    ...is a sidescrolling game where you play as many bro-versions of heroes from popular action movies, such as RoBroCop, Bromando, Snake Broskin, RamBro, and many more! You fight dozens of enemies through jungle forts and hideouts, while finding more Bros along the way.

    Online Multiplayer is also available (Not for Alpha Free Version)

    Available on Steam in Early Access for 14.99 USD, 10.85 Euro 13,99€ (because Steam).
    A DRM-free version (plus Steam key) is available on the Humble Store, which costs Europeans only 10,99€ due to proper currency conversion

    Try Out the Free Alpha Version here

    NOTE: To play the alpha build without downloading the standalone, you need the Unity Web Player


    RamBro (Rambo) http://www.blackshipsfillthesky.com/BROFORCE/jarred/rambro_anim_ORIG.gif

    B. A. Broracus (A-Team) http://www.broforcegame.com/Images/BaBroracusInGame.gif

  2. #736432014-04-20 21:26:11--Jack-- said:

    Since I've gotten the Game on Early Access,

    The full version has a Level Editor!

    You can upload your creations(Campaigns) for others to play! http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/MaiSLeaXTo4/maxresdefault.jpg

  3. #737792014-04-22 07:39:48--Jack-- said:

    News with Bugs:

    Me and many other users have had a login error when playing online or downloading user-made maps, but there are plenty of listed complaints on the Steam Forum for Broforce. Also, since the game is in early access, this will most likely be fixed in the near future.

  4. #738802014-04-22 23:09:01 *--Jack-- said:

    Partial online login Bug Fix:

    Windows and possibly Mac

    If you use Comodo Internet Security, the "auto-sandbox" setting must be disabled to allow BROFORCE to communicate with the current login system.


  5. #743452014-04-28 02:49:10Teil said:

    TheSw1tcher did a Let's Play on it and it pretty much outlines how balls to the walls badass this game is.

  6. #776102014-06-05 21:47:59 *--Jack-- said:

    UPDATE is out!

    But is it a good thing? I've been messing around with the new added characters, and elements. But also I've run into a couple of bugs that aren't the best.

    I've made a basic run through most of the changes, and shown a few bugs in this video:


    It's a great game, but some may want to wait until the bugs are smoothed out before updating. There IS the option to refuse the update. But if you do I'm not sure about the compatibility with the online functions.

    Either way it is still a good game, and I'd recommend getting it on steam for $15 USD.

  7. #813182014-08-05 15:59:36 *DarkChaplain said:

    FREE Stand-Alone DLC: The Expendabros


    The Expendabros have assembled and set their sights on the forces of ruthless arms dealer Conrad Stonebanks in the forests of Eastern Europe. Battle in a flurry of bullets and non-stop action through ten full-throttle missions set amongst the picturesque tree tops and the absurdly dangerous lumber mills teeming with enemy soldiers, excessive artillery, and inconveniently placed circular saws. Rescue your brothers in arms and play as seven different legendary soldiers – each with their own unique weapons and special attacks – with up to four players at once in local multiplayer co-op mode.

    The Expendabros was created by Broforce developer Free Lives and will be available for download until December 31, 2014.