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  1. Easter Egg Hunt 2014

    #734852014-04-19 06:02:33 *Gwynn said:

    The 2014 CL Easter Egg Hunt

    I'm all fired up!


    April 20th is Easter, so let’s have a little Colorless-style Easter Egg Hunt. Izaya - and other Durarara! characters, dressed as bunnies - are the target. Staff members @SirTingles, @Kip, @Ecstasy, @Maudia and @HumanInterfaceDisorder have created these for you.

    If you're the first to find one, follow the directions below to win a shiny new "Treasure Hunter" badge! These will be hidden throughout the day, offset by a few hours, so keep searching! Also enjoy the fresh beats of @DJSkully, all 420 long.

    How to Play:

    1) Search the colorless all day long for those Durarara! bunnies.
    2) Press the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard. This will take a picture of everything on your screen, including the bunny.
    3) Open paint or photoshop.


    • Press 'ctrl + v' or select 'edit' and 'paste'
    • Save as a '.png' file


    • Select 'file' and 'new', then press 'enter'
    • Press 'ctrl + v' or select 'edit' and 'paste'
    • Press 'Alt + Shift + Ctrl + s'
    • Save as a png-24 or '.png'

    4) Go to the colorless.net press the 'Upload image' button on the right.
    5) Upload your image.
    6) Copy the URL.
    7) Post the URL, on this thread.

    please note: we know where all the images are, do not cheat. http://thecolorless.net/uploads/27386/Qe_original.png

  2. #735652014-04-20 07:35:14 *Mau said:
    Nah, edited some official artwork.
    Not enough time to draw anything.

    I wish I had had the time to do one.