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  1. Show off your Desk

    #735312014-04-19 22:47:05Kid said:

    Instead of showing off your Desktop wallpaper show of your desk

    (sorry for shitty description but its not that hard to figure out)

  2. #750512014-05-07 15:28:01johan_5179 said:

    @Dark-B You heartless monster... how do you live with yourself, knowing that a PC is next to you lying unloved. You just treat it like it was a machine? I bet you kick it if it stops working and curse it like it can't hear you. But it can, Dark. And one day it would have had enough, and you will pay.

  3. #750602014-05-07 17:15:59Dark-B said:

    @johan_5179 Well, that means I'll probably be considered a mass murderer for machines.Now I finally am a criminal that is too strong for the justice system.(At least for machines)

  4. #761812014-05-19 16:20:45DarkChaplain said:

    It looks anything but clean, but a lot of it I'm not sure I can even clean at this point. It used to be far brighter... Been meaning to clean it the last two or so weeks, but never found the motivation to take it apart =/

  5. #1126512017-12-07 10:38:33Lieutenant said:

    Last time I posted here was 2014 up there and that looked terrible so here is my current setup now

    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    Got the stand today but too lazy to post in the online purchase thread so I just put it up and post my desk pictures in this thread.

    I love seeing this 2014 and 2017 comparison. Hard work sure pays off! Slowly does it, towards better gears in the future.

  6. #1126892017-12-10 10:45:03 *EvoRulz said:

    A necromancer is a magician who raises the dead, A L S O

    #BlameGar for no sage mode! Not the users who bump dead threads