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  1. The Colorless Pokedex

    #736752014-04-21 04:12:32 *HumanInterfaceDisorder said:

    What the hell is this?
    Welcome to the Colorless Pokedex forum game! All you have to do is write a Pokedex entry for the user who wrote an entry before you or a user you've studied up close. If you have a unique entry for a user who's already reviewed, add your notes too. (Try to imagine what a Pokedex programmed by Poke Professor Gwynn would say, if that helps.) Each entry will be numbered, with 001 being Destro since it was ripping on him that gave @Gwynn and I the idea for this thread. Ping the user you enter with an @Username =P

    If you want to do someone who already has an entry posted for them, just write a secondary entry and post it below the original with an "@" reply! Retain the original number assigned to them in your entry.

    Artwork is also acceptable

    How should I write my post?

    You'll pretty much want to follow this template, with info on Bulbasaur I pulled from Bulbapedia.

    001: Bulbasaur
    Description: Seed Pokemon
    Type: Grass
    Entry: A strange seed was planted on its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon.

    Alright, so let's kick this off. Our first entry:

    001: @Destro
    Description: Duck Pokemon
    Type: Water
    Entry: Primarily found around the festering swamps of Colorless. Has been known to traumatize its target prior to attacking.

  2. #736772014-04-21 04:23:35 *Johtoh said:

    003: @Gywnn

    Description: Inspirational Microphoned Bunny Speaker Pokemon

    Type: Plastic

    Entry: A strange humanoid bunny figure who carries a microphone with it always. Usually makes cameos in korean dramas but is rarely noticed due to its HM lurk. Before entering battle it seduces its opponent with its special mating call "Microphony Monotoned Screech". If you encounter one in the wild, be careful of it. You will surely drop your panties.

  3. #736812014-04-21 05:01:03 *PerrySona said:

    004 @Squareof3

    Dscription: audiogenic pokemon

    Type: Master/necrophilimon

    Entry: This pokemon has a tendency to take on the awesomest of students. This pokemon also has an unusual attraction to the dead. Can often be found in graveyards, digging up bodies.

  4. #736942014-04-21 08:41:30AshitoKenji said:

    005: @Yugure

    Description: Beauty Pokemon

    Type: Fairy/Water

    Entry: This Pokemon uses it's cuteness to its advantage, distracting the opponent to catch it off guard. He is adorable and pretends to be innocent, when in bed he's to die for. This creature can often be found around lakes and streams, as water brings out the beautiful side of him.

  5. #736962014-04-21 09:03:07 *Yugure said:

    006: @AshitoKenji

    Description: Yaoi Pokemon

    Type: Psychic/Dark

    Entry: This Pokemon collects yaoi scenes from various resources. It is said that AshitoKenji has the ability to do things that will make his fantasies come true. AshitoKenji will never give up until he subdues Yugure, the Beauty Pokemon, and he will take his victim to his lair - his bed. This Pokemon can be found in the same area where Yugure lives.

  6. #736982014-04-21 11:08:37 *squareof3 said:
    007: @PerrySona

    Description: Student/Fighting Pokemon

    Type: Fairy/Dark

    Entry: This Pokemon can usually be found around any master type Pokemon. It has an unusually fixation on breaking alchemy's greatest taboos on a regular basis. This Pokemon is always ready to fight for it's master and fellow student Pokemon. Very loyal, also very mischievous. Approach with caution.
  7. #736992014-04-21 11:19:46 *abinit123 said:

    008: @PureBoredom

    Description: Clown God of the internet realm

    Type: electronic/ virtual

    Entry: A Pokemon that has a deep rooted obsession with clowns. PB has a vast knowledge of technology stuffs. This Pokemon has a weakness for other humorous Pokemon but is not a force to be reckoned with. To avoid making PB mad do not disrespect clowns. This Pokemon can be found sleeping on the edge of the earths abyss under a pile of fluffy teddies.

  8. #737352014-04-21 17:54:47PureBoredom said:

    I am okay with this. I welcome those bears with open arms and twist and bend them together to form some sort of furry balloon dog.

  9. #737012014-04-21 11:51:13 *Lieutenant said:

    009: @genericmav

    Description: GM pokemon

    Type: Wind

    Entry: A Pokemon that has spent his lifetime studying information technology for the past few years, he is able to bend reality and turn it into one of the GM realm. High level of imagination makes him dangerous to human especially when his treasure is disturbed. Avoid distracting him at all cost; no one likes the taste of a knife. Can often be found lazy-crying at a corner of the site, yearning for his other half.

  10. #737032014-04-21 12:17:51 *Kittycat said:

    010: @AbINiT123

    Description: The slime Pokémon

    Type: Poison / Flying

    Entry: This Pokémon loves to ooze around. Due to its love for corn, it oozes with joy whenever corn is near. This Pokémon often speaks gibberish whenever it`s in trouble. Although this Pokémon doesn't have wings (or legs, or arms... the Pokémon's basically just a blob) it can soar through the skies at super sonic speed. This Pokémon is most likely to be found wherever there is yaoi.

  11. #737072014-04-21 12:46:08 *abinit123 said:

    011: @Kittycat

    Description: The Cheesy Pizza Cat of Justice

    Type: electric/grass

    Entry: This Pokemon takes on the form a kitty and lures pizza deliverer guys into its lair and steals the pizza, this Pokemon is really no threat unless you have a pizza. This Pokemon can run through fields of wheatgrass at the speed of light while doing back flips and eating pizza. Its very sociable and takes pleasure in meeting other Pokemon. It can be found running around spreading the words of the law all in his path and making sure that the structure of society does not collapse to the likes of evil.

  12. #737112014-04-21 13:31:33 *genericmav said:

    012: @Lieutenant

    Description: cute Pokemon

    Type: Fire/Dark

    Entry: recognized mainly of its body color red and black, this pokemon utilized the power of dark flame by using its own right eye. well known for its protective nature, this pokemon guards its partner from danger. apart from its cuteness, very few knows the true extend of its power, none live to tell the tale. can be found lurking around at corner, looking for something to fill its free time.

  13. #737372014-04-21 18:35:04Teil said:

    013: @kofuku

    Description: Impure Audiogenic Pokemon

    Type: Dark/ More Dark

    Entry: Born from a mass a pure impurity, kofuku dwells within the colorless seeking new victims to her evil schemes. Often, users are lured in by her cute demeanor, only to suffer in agony as she glomps them to death seconds later.


  14. #737432014-04-21 23:21:49 *abinit123 said:

    014: @Taro_Tanako

    Description: Manry Purppy of Manriness

    Type: grass/flying

    Entry: This Pokemon has a cute and fluffy exterior BUT BE WARNED!!! This furry little ball of fluff is extremely manry, its manriness can not be reckoned with.This Pokemon can also fly at super sonic speeds and move like a flash of light. It also has the rare ability to poop rainbow lasers while in flight. This extremely rare Pokemon can be found snuggled up in bed waiting for its next victim to be caught by its cuteness.

  15. #738982014-04-23 01:52:02 *Mitsumami said:
    016: @C_Q_Kumber

    Description:Fabulous Bushy Brows Pokemon

    Type: Psychic/Normal

    Entry: This Pokemon has a tendency to eat.... A LOT. Due to it's love of food, it's brows is able to telepathically levitate and steal other people's food. It's usually Passive if not provoked or lured by food. This Pokemon is likely to be found lying around the corners of the Colorless protected safely by the walls of it's confinement.