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Two Truths and a Lie- Forum Game

  1. #962292015-12-24 12:40:52Wolfangle said:

    I've ridden an elephant at a cirrus after staying there near closing time. So the guy was like, wanna ride it? And idk why a Peafowl was in my yard IN THE CITY, but it happened, so whatever.

    @BakaHime wins, why would i ever slap someone with a fish..

  2. #962302015-12-24 12:42:41Enami said:

    You have disappointed me @Wolfangle i believed in your weirdness.. that you slapped someone with a fish.. lol it deos sound ridiculous though Hahaha xD

  3. #962312015-12-24 12:44:08 *BakaHime said:
    1. Whenever I write stories, it usually happened to me in real life or it's something I wished happened to me irl.

    2. I always forget that Noche Buena and Christmas were a thing and I only notice at the last minute.

    3. My favorite album is the Folie à Deux album.

  4. #964212015-12-27 11:56:12 *Enami said:

    Sorry for being late O~O

    1) I talk too fast

    2) I have a sensitive tongue (cat tongue)

    3) I can't see well in the dark (bad night vision)

  5. #964342015-12-27 13:36:06 *Taro_Tanako said:


    1. I used to have braces (a retainer) until earlier this year when I had them removed.
    2. I have terribu eyesight and wear super strong prescription glasses but love wearing them.
    3. I am prone to accidents/recklessness when doing sports and have broken a few bones.
  6. #964442015-12-27 14:55:27Taro_Tanako said:

    @Farris is right..I have excellent eyesight and have never worn glasses..but I do find glasses attractive..MEGANE!!

    Sorry @Enami but I really am quite reckless in sports and have broken several bones skating, playing rugby, jumping off stuff, generally being stupid. Nothing broken fencing yet though..

  7. #964452015-12-27 15:06:23Enami said:

    Well you said that on chat before @Taro_Tanako that you find glasses attractive but don't wear them.. i kinda forgot about it for a moment and just said 3 since it's the only option left :'D

  8. #964472015-12-27 15:18:06Farris said:
    1. I've played over 1000 hours of Skyrim.
    2. I've played over 1000 hours of Counter-Strike.
    3. I've played over 1000 hours of Dota.
  9. #964532015-12-27 15:48:58Enami said:

    1) I love skinship (this only applies to my friends).

    2) I have a curly toe.

    3) I have swallowed a lot of buttons as a kid.

  10. #975122016-01-15 12:15:20Enami said:

    Lmao i'm sorry i've been waiting for someone to say the third answer so i can announce the winner but i didn't notice pfff aaaand the winner is ....@BakaHime!!!! xD Congrats!!

  11. #976042016-01-16 15:16:25Yugure said:

    Tag properly @BakaHime.

    • I accidentally ended up wearing just a tank-top and polo going to school. On a snowy day

    • Finished finals earlier than the rest, have 2 weeks vacation, and I'm hated for it. Thanks, haters.

    • Recently, I don't eat much. Probably because my stomach's hibernating.

  12. #976112016-01-16 16:48:21Kittycat said:

    1) I've had a bottle of apple juice in my room for a week

    2) You can call me at +1 416-967-1111 for sexy time

    3) My idiot dog looks like a T-Rex to @Grinners.

  13. #1062252016-08-17 07:11:25 *Qarr said:

    Reviving this thread cus @Teil

    • I argue with myself in my head in foreign accents

    • For my 16th birthday, I asked for and received the hardcover books of The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion

    • I love deep fried food.