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  1. OMORI - Exploration & Horror RPG (Kickstarter)

    #737812014-04-22 07:57:39 *--Jack-- said:

    A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! ♥

    • OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game. You must travel between two worlds, both welcoming, both concealing the same secrets. Meet new (old) people, fight new (old) enemies, explore your own memories, and uncover some hidden truths along the way (although you wish you hadn't.) When the time comes, you can only choose one.

    Which world is more real? You decide, I guess.

    • OMORI is a character has been described as a "depressed otaku."He started off as a character who lived on a blog, which lasted from December 2011 until March 2012.

    • Welcome to WHITE SPACE. Your name is OMORI and you've been living here for as long as you can remember. Everything is bright white; there aren't any walls. A black lightbulb hangs from the ceiling… wherever it is. There's a floor but it's always cold. The warmest thing here is probably your laptop. You don't mind though. You have a blanket, a laptop, a cat, a sketchbook, and a tissue box. You have everything you need.

    This game looks very abstract but also very good in terms of EarthBound-esque stoic, creepy, yet "normal" art styles.

    You know I love me some abstract Indie games....


    As of April 22, 2014:

    + 304 backers!

    + $15,179 pledged of $22,000 goal!

    + 44 days to go!

  2. #739822014-04-24 01:31:16--Jack-- said:

    As of 4/23/2014 9:30 PM EST:

    695 Backers

    $30,108 pledged of $22,000 goal

    Also, does anyone like how this game looks? Think you'd like it? Or is this thread going to be a news feed?

  3. #742292014-04-25 19:33:01Teil said:

    This game actually looks really interesting! It would be great to see it come to life. The artworks looks fairly unique in most cases but still retains a nostalgic feeling to it which gets big points from me. Aside from the music in the teaser, I can't exactly see the horror aspect to the game. Either that, or it's just a type of horror that I'm not entirely familiar with. Still, I look forward to playing this one day!

  4. #742892014-04-26 20:02:41PureBoredom said:

    I too, really am looking forward to this. I really like the Earthbound-isque feel to both the world roaming and battle system. Can't wait to see what horrors awaits and feelings that cannot be unfeeled.

  5. #742922014-04-27 02:29:40--Jack-- said:


    As of 4/26/2014 @ 10:28PM EST:

    1,104 backers

    $42,509 pledged of $22,000 goal !!!!!!!!!!!

    Still 39 Days left

  6. #752682014-05-09 22:52:47--Jack-- said:

    As of 5/9/2014

    1,664 backers

    $61,069 pledged of $22,000 goal

    26 days to go.

    I hope this turns out well. They certainly have enough cash now!

  7. #774982014-06-03 19:48:36arnaK said:

    Did you pledge? Which package did you pledge? I want to pledge the one with the crewneck but it's sooo expensive and I really just want the game and the crewneck with nothing else haha

  8. #775032014-06-03 23:48:01 *--Jack-- said:

    I didnt actually pledge anything, but I like Omocat's art, and it looks like it's gonna be a real good game. I might get it later though.

  9. #775052014-06-04 00:00:00arnaK said:

    @--Jack-- I have shopped at the Omostore before and I got the fish boy crewneck. It's really good quality and the art is just as good as it looks, but it is a little bit pricey.

    I don't know if she'll be selling the crewnecks after the game comes out on their own! Lol stressful online shopping problems. Either way, I probably won't be pledging either but I'm super excited for the game to come out. :3