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  1. Doctor Who and Merry Christmas

    #7382011-12-26 22:28:34 *Decae said:

    I am aware that most of our userbase are fans of anime, and I am too. Well, I used to be. I guess there's a point in our lives (or just mine) where Asians aren't quite as hot as they were, rice candy tastes like crap, and anime is, for the most part, just plain boring. However, I have successfully filled this void of borings with the brilliant show known as DOCTOR WHO. With that, I establish the first Doctor Who thread in commemoration of the awesome that is expressed in the show.

    Also, Merry Christmas. x

  2. #7772011-12-26 23:26:02HutchHutchenson said:

    I've only just started watching it. I started with the old black and white episodes but the quality was always so terrible that I couldn't bring myself to watch them. So, I skipped ahead to the newer series. I'm only like 4-5 episodes in though. Something about an alien museum and daleks. /shrug

  3. #7792011-12-26 23:30:06Decae said:

    @Gargron: I didn't know what else to do, and am still getting used to the tag system. I'll change it to a "Doctor Who Merry Christmas" thread or something. We needed at least one thread having to do with the show. At least one show that isn't anime.

    My mum bought me a Doctor Who door poster for Christmas... of Ten. I swear, I was laughing so hard while I was unrolling it, tears came out of my eyes.

  4. #8442011-12-27 02:15:57JoJoBird said:

    So I'm a recently turned Whovian and I love the show, I've only watched the reboot though. I've caught up on the series except this year's special. My favorite would have to be 9 but, I wish he stayed longer as it didn't seem to be enough of him, 10 was fantastic, wish he never left although 11 is good.

    Dang UKers getting great T.V. while I get stuck with reality shows.

    Also anyway for Americans to watch the special? doesn't work out :(

    Also needs a whole tag than just a thread.

  5. #9232011-12-27 05:38:11Decae said:
    @JoJoBird: Tennant is my favourite because he defied all my expectations. I was completely prepared to hate him because he replaced my dear Eccleston. In the end, though, I was won over by his charm, quirks, and funny faces. Smith is great too, but I can never take him seriously, which is a huge bummer. Tennant had me bawling on too many occasions.

    @AkiraSaki: OMG GIMME. Actually, I want a TARDIS phone like this:

  6. #9242011-12-27 05:44:23JoJoBird said:

    @Decae Totally agree, I read somewhere that Tennant always wanted to be the Doctor and its a shame he left, I think he was pushed out of the role. Nothing beats those Converse.

  7. #10672011-12-27 17:21:03Decae said:

    @JoJoBird: Apparently, the movie was just a stupid rumour. Also, if there was to be a movie, it would be made by BBC, not Hollywood.

    However, Tennant has always seemed willing to return, and hopefully they'll bring him back for the show's 50th anniversary at least.

  8. #11992011-12-27 22:11:58dullahan said:

    THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I feel exactly the same way! I mean, I used to be really into anime but now I've become more picky with it. Nowadays I watch and read old school anime/manga (like Tezuka and Umezu) but I'm really super into Doctor Who. I guess Doctor Who kind of refueled my interest in BBC stuff like "QI" and "Jeeves and Wooster" among many other things.

    I highly recommend watching these and reading old school manga if you're not into the new stuff. I mean, Tezuka is a genius.