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  1. CL Short Story Project 4: Discussion Thread

    #738242014-04-22 18:15:00 *DarkChaplain said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For the full project details, please refer to those threads.

    People were expressing interest in a new writing project, so here we go: Topic Discussion.

    I have no specific idea for a topic or genre yet, though, so I'd like to leave the decision mostly up to you people. What do you want to write, what do you want to read?
    This thread will stay open until at least the 29th, longer if the decision making takes longer.

    I'd like this one to be at least as big as the last one, which had eight participants. So please, get involved, share your feedback and help make it happen!


  2. #738262014-04-22 18:25:32abinit123 said:

    Have you done thriller yet? Fast passed writing is pretty fun to do and you can be fairly creative.

    You could have like a senses sort of thing, like a detailed description of an every day thing with the perspective of sight, smell, taste, feel, sound. We actually did this in school but from a scientific aspect and it was pretty fun and had good results.

  3. #738322014-04-22 18:31:40DarkChaplain said:

    As johan said, thriller was part of the first already, and I'd rather avoid repeating topics so soon.

    As for your suggestion, I feel that'd work better for a Writing Prompt, since that allows people to experiment without having to adhere to a strict structure or the requirement to write a full story.
    Thanks, though, I'll keep that idea in mind for the next prompt!

  4. #738372014-04-22 19:13:01Kirn said:

    Well... I have no idea about the possible theme, really, but what was about that idea about a writing team? Maybe you can make writers to pair up and they would both write something and check each other stories... Then again, probably doesn't have to be strict pair or writers... maybe writer and just editor... But I kinda do want to see people paired up and then to see how many of the pairs would make it intact.

  5. #738402014-04-22 19:26:49Kirn said:

    DC had this idea for a while. For any writer having anyone else to pre-read the story - even if that person is not professional editor - can have positive effect. You know, fresh look, some proof-reading. Then again, it may be hard to find someone willing to proof-read you. So it may decrease the number of participants too. Works both ways, I guess.

  6. #738392014-04-22 19:26:43abinit123 said:

    multiple/diffrent perspectives

    e.g. different narrative voices, times, settings, views of different characters, clashes of different aspects of society.... and on and on

  7. #738422014-04-22 19:31:35DarkChaplain said:

    My concern with the partner work is that it would require people to be sure to deliver. If one of the pair drops out or doesn't deliver, the other will suffer as a direct result. Demotivation will leer its ugly face, and in the end, neither of the two will submit anything.

    Considering we don't have the highest participation rate to begin with (over 20 people signed up last time, only 8 actually submitted, and a few of them had to pull allnighters and rush it in the end), I'm worried that it'd end in failure.

    I'd still be willing to have this thing, if not now, then in the future, but only if I can see that there's an overwhelming positive response from motivated participants. I like the idea, I'm just unsure if it is feasible

  8. #738602014-04-22 20:39:26Kuroba_Loki said:

    Just tossing around ideas here, but since easter just passed by....

    Why not fantasy, I meant in its purest form.

    Or even child stories? :3

  9. #742482014-04-25 22:36:53kofuku said:

    I like the children's stories idea quite a bit too...and it gives a little leeway in terms of genre as well. And just plain fantasy would be cool too. (I'll try and give more constructive discussion laters :3).

  10. #738642014-04-22 20:52:26 *Ecstasy said:

    The pair idea is a good one in my opinion. But then again I have no doubts it would work out for me because I would be working with @Kirn. The chances that we won't be able submit something are extremely low.
    So I guess people should just look at their participation chances realistically before they sign up. Some users might actually benefit from it because they would be poked by their project partner, just not sure if it can be more effective than DC's poking.

    As for the genres, crime/detective story/mystery fiction has been mentioned before in the 3rd short story thread, so we could try that one. It's sort of what johan usually writes.

    I'm going to mention a couple more:

    • saga (we had fantasy, but this one is about vikings, you know Scandinavian stuff)
    • comedy (it is a difficult genre to pull off though, because humor is a tricky thing, but I'm still suggesting it)
    • action/adventure (we could go Indiana Jones or super-hero style, why not)
    • realistic or maybe slice of life (though personally I'm not much interested in it)
    • urban fiction (we actually kinda had Noodle write with the elements of this style in the first short story project, although he probably did it unintentionally).
  11. #738662014-04-22 21:05:42Kirn said:


    Interesting idea this. I immediately thought about a few examples of like historical fables. Like viking sagas, which you mentioned, which are myths. Or Anabasis which is a very cool historical document. Or even Eaters of the Dead which is a fictional novel that makes believe it's a historical document.

    So, you know, some epic pseudo-historical stuff... One can do a lot with that.

  12. #738672014-04-22 21:21:49MrTingles said:

    I think a medieval mystery could be pretty cool- a tale of a logical person in a land of superstition using sensible methods to solve mysteries.

  13. #738842014-04-23 00:01:38--Jack-- said:

    This idea relies a lot on past participation, so here goes:

    Plenty of people's stories have been good (users who've participated most of the time) and have been left "open-ended" in that they could be continued/more developed if they want. So here's an idea:

    • Users take a story that's been submitted from a past anthology (their own ofc)
    • They make another story in the same "Universe" as the first, whether it's a sequel, or a different set of characters in the relatively same could even just have references to a thing in the story prior.
  14. #738992014-04-23 01:53:39--Jack-- said:

    @DarkChaplain That is the downside, it doesn't make any room for users who haven't participated before, then again, how many usually join other than the regulars? Typically little to none.

  15. #739052014-04-23 02:35:28 *DarkChaplain said:

    @Rinneko was new, @UmiYuki was as well. @Ecstasy's was a first as well. That's 3 out of 8, not to mention all those who signed up and didn't deliver. @abinit123 seems to be motivated to join this time as well.

    I dunno, I'd rather have something that everybody interested can take part in and try boosting the usual core of regulars for the future.

    And yes, those mentions were on purpose. Come and discuss, people!

  16. #738962014-04-23 01:37:32gawd_daym said:

    Maybe you could try survival? You could make up an animal, beast, bug, etc and give it some strengths and weaknesses. You can add discoveries about this certain thing over time. There could be a specified region where the survivors start at, or you can give them some random location for each writer. You can even put teams in this too.

  17. #739122014-04-23 03:13:50Ucui said:

    I'm all for @--Jack--'s idea, but since it hasn't been stated, I'll throw this out there:

    A story based off of an image. With this, we can involve artists as well as writers. For the artworks, we can have various artists submit whatever image they like, whether old or now, and then writers can choose whichever image they feel that they can write about. I'm sure there are many artists on CL that would be more willing to participate in this manner than through a written approach. Along with that, writers will have more freedom in their writing.

    To sum it all up; it is a collaboration of artists and writers.

  18. #739212014-04-23 07:40:00Wolfangle said:

    What about a short Concept story. I bet we've all had great ideas for stories, but never bothered to finish them or write the next page or chapter. Why not for a competition out of that? Same rules as usual, around 500 words, multiple genres, best concept wins or the top concepts get a badge.

  19. #739442014-04-23 12:30:50johan_5179 said:

    This sounds more like a Writing Prompt idea. And yes, making an absolutely amazing 500 word concept is easy, turning it into stories that can actually utilise that concept is the really hard part.

    (Seriously, my concept for the Sword and Sorcery thing was so fucking amazing I would have gotten myself a medal, ended up using 1/4 th of it, and that was hard enough.)

  20. #739232014-04-23 08:51:01Kirn said:

    You people are missing the difference between writing prompt and the anthology writing. Go re-read them threads linked in the first post.

    But anyhow. For now I will vote on pseudo-historical epic story... Like a myth or saga or fable or whatever. And remember, that doesn't mean some one time period. Myths and sagas can be anywhere from 10000 BC to 1999 in my opinion. Well, maybe not 1999, but 1950 for sure ) For now this sounds like the most interesting proposal of theme for me.

    And I would go for co-writing and co-editing idea, but yeah, I would be doing that with @Ecstasy. so that's extremely obvious choice for me to like that idea.

  21. #739272014-04-23 09:37:09Ecstasy said:

    Jack's idea sounds interesting. I did write a short summary of what happens before and after my short story, so yeah. But it can be optional. Like some separate side writing project if we get enough people interested.

    I also like Ucui's idea, but it might be more suited for a prompt. We could have a little experiment with it first to see how it works.

    From the genres suggested so far I'm personally interested in urban fiction the most. And yeah, as I've said before, I don't mind working in pairs.

  22. #739412014-04-23 11:17:53Dark-B said:

    I think we should be doing an action / adventure theme, it will be pretty fun to see how people can do to a genre so easy as that.

  23. #739522014-04-23 14:51:01Rinneko said:

    The partner work sounds pretty good. It might be a bit difficult for new users to find a partner. Also, as DC mentioned, one would be affected if the other pulled out halfway. I think Jack's idea is interesting, and worth a try. However, personally, I don't consider my previous and first story here as a very good one that I would like to continue. Ecstasy's idea on a saga, historical theme would be fascinating to read submissions of! Although perhaps a bit difficult for most to think up an idea and write out. I like Ucui's idea the best, but of course it would only work out provided artists would like to participate in this. I'm not sure how probable that is.

    I really favour stories that depict much emotion, or develop a psychological issue in the main character. Don't know whether that could be considered a theme, but it'd be lovely to see users take up the challenge and whip up stories along that line.