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  1. Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ GIVEAWAY!

    #739542014-04-23 16:39:34 *DarkChaplain said:

    Website - Steam

    Let's weeb this up, shall we? Ever dreamed of going to Japan? Ever thought about it? Surely you have, considering the website you're on.
    Well, good news for you: There's a visual novel for you!

    If you've already made a trip to Japan, please feel free to share your experiences with us!


  2. #739562014-04-23 16:46:43Kirn said:

    Hmmmm... I know I saw mentions about this game before somewhere. I may try this out, I guess, when I have some free time in my goddamn free time.
    Maybe it will be someone interesting and lighthearted. I am telling you, not enough light-hearted VN's these days, not nearly enough. Not that I am an expect on VN's though )

  3. #739632014-04-23 18:10:31 *DarkChaplain said:

    I've got THREE Steam Keys to give away.

    What you have to do to get one of them?

    Explain what you'd like to do on a trip to Japan.Feel free to elaborate on why you consider Japan trip-worthy
    Bonus points for weeaboospeak strewn in, but not mandatory

    I'll pick up to three people from all participants, based on how much I think they'll benefit from playing Go! Go! Nippon - and how passionate they appear.

    Go! Go!

    Oh, and...


  4. #739912014-04-24 03:08:12 *NidTheBard said:

    This Game. I first heard of it from here:

    Good moments were had. I can't see why anyone planning on visiting Japan would ever skip over this game while studying their culture.

    What I do in Japan: Because then I'll get to meet the Black Rider, and officially join The Dollars. Then after I enjoy a nice bowl of Ramen with Naruto's descendants, I'll relax the rest of the day while fishing for some Magikarp. Then I think after the Waifu makes some good sushi for dinner, I'll get some rest, and in the morning try out this new game I got called Sword Art Online. Sounds like a good time, no?

    Also, can't wait to see these girls live! www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKxgK8lybs0

  5. #739982014-04-24 03:52:36 *Ucui said:

    Kawaii desu desu oujo let me play this cod damn game shittou sugoi desu only doing this for the 2D super sugoi oniichan senpai DarkChaplain.

  6. #740352014-04-24 11:59:07 *Ecstasy said:

    It's not like I want to see Nippon or anything, b-baka.

    I'm just gonna leave top Steam reviews of this game here:

    • Rocky (1,328.1 hrs on record) recommended:

    Cheaper than a trip to japan, and you can find pure love,
    at home,
    in front of your monitor,
    in 2D form...

    what am i doing with my life

    • Yuanqing recommended:

    Talk to girls more that you ever did in the real life, for the low low price of $4.99!

    • Ryo recommended:

    I didn't feel like I was IN Japan. I felt like I WAS Japan.

    • Nikke recommended:


    • Gangsta Chimp not recommended:

    A girl touched me. Too scary.

    • Zeal recommended:

    This is basically skyrim but with weeaboos.
    Best H-scenes I've ever read.

    • TitanumMouse recommended:

    Pressed 'Menu'. Mouse automatically moved to 'Save Game' option. 420/10 would save again.

    • Rawkie ♪ Cheator Completor recommended:

    I came

  7. #741092014-04-24 20:02:56 *Teil said:

    Hmm.. well ever since I did a project on the country in grade school I've always wanted to visit the place and anime/manga has really added onto the want as well, so here goes.


    Japan has many beautiful places that I'd love to go see. To name a few:

    • Mt.Fuji
    • Himeji Castle
    • Tokyo Tower
    • The Golden Pavilion
    • Sakura Trees
    • Traditional Japanese Hot Springs
      And let's not forget the many amazing shrines that lie throughout Nippon! YayShrine


    So many kawaii sugoii things to moshi moshi do in Nippon. Nano desu~ you asked for it. Naturally, my first destination being the anime crazed sociopath that I am would be Akihabara. I'd...

    • Buy anime merch
    • See a cosplay show
    • Buy anime merch
    • Go to a Japanese con
    • Buy manga merch
    • Buy anime merch
      And most importantly... Cafe

    Maid Cafe!!


    There are so many super generic Japanese foods every person in my shoes have dreamed of. Even if it's possible to eat them here, eating it in Japan obviously makes it taste 10x better.

    • Kare Raisu ( Curry and Rice)
    • Taiyaki
    • Much sushi will be had
    • Much ramen will be had as well
    • Onigiri
    • Yakisoba
    • Somen
    • Miso Soup
    • Hot pot to top it all off.

    Hope I didn't embarrass myself too much with this. Arigato gozaimasu.

  8. #741232014-04-25 00:11:55 *PerrySona said:

    I live in Japan. I live in Yokosuka but I can give a few other locations and what to do there. If you go to any of the shrines you can be guaranteed a beautiful view. In Kamakura there's this place where you can get awesome sausages and dough in the shape of a fish with filling. If you can you HAVE to go see a Japanese baseball game. It is AMAZING