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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #40912012-01-04 09:59:32 *Satan said:

    by the way that's not me in the gif I posted desu Im a man not a girl desu and @Matt is very cute desu @Lycan ...hmm I don't know, u'll look pretty in a pink dress desu ; w ; nawh nawh I think I just turned lesbian for you

  2. #53162012-01-09 03:24:27zatsunen said:

    Because I have a terrible memory, @someone's photo made me think of this even though the only thing the jackets have in common is the fur. (Not me, random funny thing I saw on tumblr.)

  3. #72532012-01-17 19:31:42 *Arachne said:


    Just came from sauna, I always need to carry a dagger with me just in case if a polar bear invades my area


    I'm thinking of doing this for a costume party

  4. #78382012-01-20 08:58:25Jin_sama said:

    zomg! just realize i haven't post in here yet gotta keep up my reputation of le best photo whore of CL :

    this is me in the recent photoshoot :3

    this is me without all the fancy shit

  5. #87362012-01-26 01:30:04TalTal said: oh hi, didn't see you there. I was too busy reading the DRRR manga that I bought. crappy picture, yes.

  6. #102472012-02-02 16:41:38JoJoBird said:

    I am now reminded of this scene from the movie Dumb and Dumberer (movie is s great as its own title's spelling).

    Don't worry its a melted chocolate bar.