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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #725642014-04-03 21:55:57olivaisfire1997 said:

    Last days of class, so I feel rather happy. Unfortunately my classmates found this a rare sight and decided to document it. Also, @abinit123 wanted to see me in my new jacket, so here ya go.

  2. #725822014-04-04 01:26:17 *Wolfangle said:

    T-That...No...No Bruno no....Stop...Please just..Go back to looking & sounding lame like we as the group know you as..

  3. #751312014-05-08 05:48:46 *Warlock said:

    @genericmav Very awesome! I love the cosplay! Definitely some effort went into it for putting together the accessories. Thanks for supporting one of our mascots yo~