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  1. IRL Picture Thread

    #732011-12-25 08:56:59 *someone said:


    The old IRL thread indexed by user, courtesy of @Fieyr:

  2. #842011-12-25 09:21:04someone said:

    oh yeah, that. I've since gotten it off, I had to kill a few people in a free for all on an island and be the last one surviving, nbd.

  3. #2702011-12-25 15:52:24 *Noodle said:

    Quickly now! Recreate all the old popular threads and earn reputation!


    Embedded that picture for you. Love, TrevInc

  4. #3802011-12-25 22:59:51 *someone said:

    images for the time being aren't simply paste the image link. Gotta do it old school, [IMG]link[/IMG]

  5. #684912014-01-14 08:41:44mizlily said:

    Trev took a picture of himself, started playing guitar and turned into a cat. Conclusion: don't play guitar after taking a selfie