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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #620422013-08-03 16:00:27 *TeruShinozaki said:

    So I got these.

    Now I can be just like the catgirls in my favorite hentai.

    P.S. They actually work. Hundreds of scientists in Japan did a lot of research on the human brain, just so weeaboos such as I can get one step closer to attaining my dream of becoming a kawaii neko girl desu desu. Arigatou gozaimasu, science and arigatou gozaimasu, Japan!!! =^_^=

    P.P.S. This might come in handy for something kinky.
  2. #625442013-08-13 01:42:31Cenica said:

    @Teru You think my new sleepface photo is prettier? (o_O)
    Haha. I think it looks so different because I started letting my bangs grow out. My mom was complaining that she didn't like how I looked with bangs. And they're not straitened.
    Or maybe I'm just a master of disguise.

  3. #626012013-08-14 03:13:08lolikitsune said:
    Here's a depiction of my physical self more accurate than any photograph:

    If you're inconsolable in your hunger for an actual photograph... this is me at an anime panel I ran in 2010.
  4. #647812013-10-21 17:26:49Wolfangle said:

    Without checking your profile, I'm pretty sure this is your first post .o. http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b89/miertje86/Anime%20Gifs/LuckyStar-OpeningDance.gif Congrats! .w. quite different than i pictured you

  5. #647822013-10-21 17:47:05DarkChaplain said:

    Without checking your profile, I'm pretty sure this is your first post .o.

    Obviously also without reading the post:

    I decided to make my forum debut in this thread. Hello CL this is me~ c:

    Well, Duh.

    PS: The piercing is still dumb and unattractive.

  6. #648052013-10-22 01:56:25Wolfangle said:

    @Lyten Probably a skinnier face, blond hair, and a different hairstyle. Eye color was a shock to me, not sure if it's just this picture o: but it's rare to see them grey.

    Plus, even tho being Lycan's friend, i thought you'd look more like a cousin's version to him .3. Maybe even a colder background .w. Lycan's always in cold places with his pics.

  7. #648692013-10-23 00:46:48Lyten said:

    @Wolfangle My eyes are actually very greyish. c:
    Hahaha no, Lycan doesnt even look swedish. I think he compensates with snow and such to make him seem more scandinavian maybe?

  8. #647642013-10-21 10:14:33zatsunen said:

    Well since the whole CL chorus and freaking flower yukata purchase pre' much gave everything away (though if you still were confused over my gender, wow) HI THERE CL THIS IS ME WOOP. https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1381615_10151932108019883_496997061_n.jpg

    (Also getting too old to trap yo.)

  9. #647902013-10-21 22:13:05Momimochi said:

    Nigguh. This was not what I was hoping to see right after school.


    lolno I kid

  10. #647972013-10-22 00:30:25zatsunen said:

    ; u ; Thanks guys (except Momi, Justine and Perry). @ponta Maybe when Summer Matsuri rolls around in December. I'm having troubles with the obi so I'll get someone else to do it for me so I can put it on properly before taking photos. =w=