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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #652522013-11-02 04:34:22Kip said:

    it's a jack and sally comforter. the opposite side has skulls and bones on it.

    but i wouldn't mind a comforter with a penis pattern on it.

    i would not mind at all.


  2. #662732013-11-17 02:56:35Momimochi said:

    I fucked up on the eyebrows; was honestly gonna do this shit for Christmas but...

    And I'm sorry but this is how Heichou is in my mind

  3. #662892013-11-17 14:28:29Kip said:

    i think it's fantastic that looking up my old URL on google brings this old closet cosplay picture of me from like 2 years ago as the top result

    google pls.

  4. #665792013-11-26 09:23:47DarkChaplain said:

    Are you kidding me? You've been here since 2011 and don't know how to post a picture, and then proceed to post two, to make for a fine triple-post? Oh come on...

    Aside from that, welcome back, I guess.

  5. #667992013-12-01 06:11:15Penthus said: My friends and I are featured in a Japanese travel magazine in a small article about our cheesecake shop. Can't see shit!