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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #689522014-01-23 08:47:07Jacek said:

    I live near a public school so I sometimes see DARE signs (although not so much recently I guess they stopped.) But every time I see it I can't help but pronounce it like this

  2. #687412014-01-19 11:50:04Penthus said: Jeremy Bolm. Went to their show tonight and came out the venue with sweat-soaked clothes, some cuts, and a slightly raspy voice. Feels good.

  3. #689792014-01-23 21:35:36Kip said:

    You will BOTH stop, and if you must continue, you will take it somewhere else.

    @Jacek @hellstorm901

    I apologize but because of the content in the comments, I must remove them. They've begun derailing the thread and are extremely inappropriate for any new or young users to look at. I didn't realize how far this had gotten until it was flagged and brought to my attention.

  4. #690052014-01-24 15:37:05Kip said:

    we need more hats!!

    i wonder how many photo effects I can add before the picture is totally unrecognizable.

  5. #690192014-01-24 18:30:00olivaisfire1997 said:

    A look into my head:

    Me: Wow, everyone's doing this, seems fun.

    Me#2: Yeah, so what, it's just pictures.

    Me: But it seems interesting how they play with them... I should take a picture too.

    Me#2: That'll go well, you never looked good in a picture before, and now you want to show it to a bunch of people?

    Me: You never know until you try, now do you?

    Me#2: Do as you wish then, just don't be a whiny bitch later.

    And so here it is: su7HjTS.jpg?1

  6. #695162014-02-02 01:42:59Momimochi said:

    All my friends on facebook and shit using their graduation studio pictures. So I did a thing to avoid the mainstream. Because fuck mainstream

  7. #695212014-02-02 02:51:08 *Momimochi said:

    It was surprisingly, given ordered generalized size, perfect fit when cross-legged sitting.

    I'm surprised anything even fit when I went "fuck it" to customizing size lol MUST BE THE ASIAN GENES.

  8. #696112014-02-03 07:17:51Ktarl said:

    These are about 6 months old. I lost some more weight since then, my hair is longer and I have different earrings. photo pic1_zps0cb84184.jpg photo reading_zpsbc92eabb.jpg

  9. #700012014-02-13 09:58:54Penthus said:

    Their bottles are nice, aren't they? My friend and I decided to get a mixed pack for a special occasion. My favorite of theirs, Big Wave Golden Ale, happens to be inspired by the same beach we went to, Waimea Bay.

  10. #722772014-03-31 14:39:03 *Momimochi said:


    And oh my god pls stahp or else Imma make a fucking shrine or something worshipping your picture. :V