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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #752622014-05-09 22:13:27Wolfangle said:

    @AngelsL @squareof3 @Dark-B @evii-chii

    1st: I would reply to all of your pics in a sub post, but frankly Wolfy doesn't have the strength to click on them due to being fucking awesome.


    You all look beautiful & Wolfy-kun says that with his heart~♥ But @Zach, smile..Your eyebrows..It looks good i guess

  2. #753132014-05-10 21:22:51 *abinit123 said:

    you only deserve half a face <3 plus its the most recent pic i have taken, so yeah (also just want to show of my headphones)

  3. #754042014-05-11 16:01:20abinit123 said:

    @Teru is that a good thing? i just use the shampoo that is in the shower XD wait is that for dyed hair? i have never dyed my hair... but i would like too, like a pastel blue :O

  4. #754062014-05-11 16:16:15Teru said:

    It's just that all the girls I know use TRESemmé, and about the dyed hair, I just picked a random photo of the shampoo.

  5. #754202014-05-11 21:38:58 *kofuku said:


    N-never have I looked so beautiful @Gwynn. Lawl.

    (Actually I did dye my hair somewhat that colour once but it looked terrible cuz I was a gross 7th grader with no style)

  6. #756822014-05-14 22:55:03MrTingles said:

    Hey man, to help your replies get a bit easier, click on the date hovering over the top post. It'll help make things look a lot easier!

    On another note, welcome back, and nice keyblade!