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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #780112014-06-11 22:51:35abinit123 said:

    i dont think they do fancy stuff like that in england plus i have hayfever so that would have been an amusing picture lol

    @Rebel maybe that is the case :O

  2. #780802014-06-12 21:50:08arnaK said:

    @Warlock @Taro_Tanako

    Thanks guys!! As I like to say, "congrations! drem big" to me

    but i'm staying another semester in high school for a bit more classes then if i get my first choice, heading to college for a bachelor's in video game design. Thanks guys, it means a lot :3

  3. #780862014-06-13 04:30:38 *Warlock said:

    @arnaK Aw yeah! Game Design is an awesome field. I took the Computer Science route, and I'm hoping to end up programming games as a career. Good luck on making it in the field.

    You might want to join the CL Programmer's Group if you would like some lessons on programming. Though, you might be more interested in the actual designing, but you'll have to tackle at least some programming classes eventually I believe.

  4. #780992014-06-13 15:26:59arnaK said:

    @Warlock I took grade 11 and 12 computer science, but i only messed around with VB and Java. For the most part, Java we only looked at how to deal with robots. I also sucked at it. But I'll take a look at it and if i'm not completely lost, then yeah maybe!

    Oh cool! If we're both successful, let's collab and make the best game in the world LOL

  5. #785782014-06-23 06:07:44NidTheBard said:

    @arnaK OH MY GOD! You're so beautiful!!

    Also, good luck in Game Design, I've always wanted to go into that field and eventually create some of my own games so if I ever need some help I'll come begging you to help me. XD

  6. #783812014-06-20 08:12:15Dark-B said:

    @Ecstasy Explains, yet he still wins this one. No one's able to challenge him to the throne of Brow Kingdom so far.

    And yes, @Abinit123 is still broken by the fact he was destroyed in the eyebrow contest easily by our gigantic sea monster. I can still feel him covering his eyebrows in shame now after he lost on the first strike ya know, which shows the mental and physical stress challenging @C_Q_Kumber can give to you, quite horrid.

  7. #784112014-06-20 15:25:09 *CQKumber said:

    Brow Kingdom omg. What is going on. But yeah, best not be stepping to the King unless you got the brows to back it up.

    Also, nice ninja picture Vicky :3

  8. #785932014-06-23 11:52:18Noodle said:

    http://oi59.tinypic.com/15388qv.jpg Delicious, delicious Banana Pudding

    So, me and my girlfriend visited a café located near Harajuku. Apparently the cupcakes are inspired by the ones from Sex and the City. Not that I watch that show...


  9. #798842014-07-09 16:35:48 *abinit123 said:

    @Dark-B why the hate man? i think you just need to take all that hate out, maybe watch some adult vids i have heard that helps :3 or maybe try dressing as a girl? dressing as other sex is surprisingly relaxing <3

  10. #799222014-07-10 02:16:06effect said:

    i am still confused... in some pics you look like a pretty boy in others like a fugly boy ... why you doin this to me? cries

  11. #799712014-07-10 15:43:51Taro_Tanako said:

    This just reminds me of the first pic you ever posted where we argued about what gender you were! And for my next photo I will dress as @abinit123 (I don't post IRL pics anymore..shhh)

  12. #799872014-07-10 22:13:08 *abinit123 said:

    @Taro_Tanako those were the days hahah, i would like to see that!

    @effect not sure whether to take offence to that of not LOL <3 like to change how i look with my mood gaweeddd! :3 ...... also i am a shape shifter

  13. #805082014-07-19 21:17:38xiaden said:

    Got it while I was in Berlin >.>

    Was only there for like two hours though. Most of the time was spent drinking.

  14. #805262014-07-20 00:54:00xiaden said:

    I don't actually remember buying anything besides beer.

    But I was totally wearing it when I woke up on the plane.