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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #811452014-08-01 05:42:26CQKumber said:

    Playing around with a webcam site a friend showed me

    The heavy application of effects makes it harder to see all the uggo underneath

  2. #813382014-08-06 04:10:10squareof3 said:

    So my lady friend bought this Pokemon beanie for me, and she said that I am now her Pokemon. She then proceeded to try to teach me to learn surf.
  3. #817732014-08-24 03:12:55awkwardangels said:

    All my fingers are double jointed! I can twist them around and bend them in weird ways. It freaks everyone out but I was born with 'em. I can bend my index finger really far, for example.

  4. #817852014-08-24 17:33:51olivaisfire1997 said:

    So, decided to take my first pic with contacts, and what do you know, decided to film a video the same day! So, we have a suit and no glasses combo! 369s51G.jpg