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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #875102015-02-20 04:38:22momo said:

    @Farris me too! I was actually doing some work on-site, was awoken like 15 minutes after I had fallen asleep at 11pm, after an all-nighter, to drive an hour out to fix stuff. This picture probably wouldn't have happened had I been better rested haha.

  2. #874642015-02-17 13:33:34Rebel said:

    From a hike last year, heavy rain fell and soil from the lake about flowed down through the river. So we had to hike back down due to many risk. You can see the joy in my face -_-

  3. #874702015-02-17 21:53:07ChrisTea said:

    Im not sure how to post a picture on the thread, but one of my cosplay pictures (me as Harley Quinn) is on the link below, it would be amazng if you wouldnt mind checking it out :) Im currently entered in a cosplay contest (picture with the most likes wins)

    thats the link to my picture, if you have time it would be amazing if you could like it, im currently in second place! <3 I look forward to chatting with you all! <3