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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #1015542016-04-22 00:09:34 *Cloud-VK said:


    “I don't always drink sugary garbage, but when I do, I prefer Kool-Aid Bursts,”

    “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

  2. #1024202016-05-11 22:18:51effect said:

    so 6 eggs in a day, only the white stuff , not the yellow stuff, and eat a banana everyday do this for few months.. you are skins and bones !

  3. #1028242016-05-22 15:42:07effect said:

    you look like that wildling that got killed recently in Game of thrones, she was travelling with Rickon star.... what was her name... ?

  4. #1038052016-06-20 12:32:08 *EvoRulz said:


    Wong competed in the World Series of Video Games in Dallas in July 2007. He won first prize in the Guitar Hero 2 competition, playing the song "Less Talk More Rokk" by Freezepop.

    Also the director, creator, and editor of my favorite YouTube series: Video Game High School

    Watch this 10 min episode it's amazing

  5. #1042462016-06-30 01:34:24effect said:

    i dont know who you are and i dont know who am i, do i suffer from amnesia? i guess its ... i forgot what i wanted to type.