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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #1089722017-01-29 11:19:33shafnat said:

    @GOD i'm really sorry but you don't seem to have grown older since the last time i saw a pic of you (and it was really looong time ago) O:

  2. #1090242017-02-02 18:51:50Farris said:

    Poor frog getting fisted by you.... P.S. you notice the 'acne scars' way more than others do. Don't let it bother you.

  3. #1090262017-02-02 19:22:11shafnat said:

    @Farris it's not fisting, it's only 4 fingers inside since you still can see my thumb out right there. (it bothers me a lot tho been trying a lot of ways to get rid of em)

  4. #1090312017-02-03 21:57:53effect said:

    heres some tip shafnat

    you could try clay masks aswell

    but its better to see a cosmetician, you must get those stuff poped out before starting any sort of treatment.. not to mention you could try eat less meat and more vegetables for a change...only meat you can eat is fish.. also no lactoze...

    you can also try to use the juice from a lemon , or honey ...

  5. #1090332017-02-04 04:16:48shafnat said:

    @effect hey thank you very much! i actually have tried the charcoal masker, well it actually cleanse a bit. i will try the others! actually acnes doesnt grow anymore, it's just these scars left from a lot of acnes that grew when i was in highschool. for the food.. it's kinda hard but i guess i should try. thank you anyway!

  6. #1090572017-02-06 20:24:59effect said:

    @shafnat, i do not belive they are that expensive, dude think about it, this will totally improve your lifestyle... the way people look at you.. things like these are important in what so called society ..

  7. #1090582017-02-06 20:39:06shafnat said:

    @effect i've checked the cost. it is for me tho, as a student who lives far from a family, has no income, and always spend a lot of money for project modeling, i guess i'll not prioritize to take the treatment unless finally i got some income so i need not take this treatment that i really wanna have (because i'm sure as you've said, it affects to how people look at me) and thanks for the advice!

  8. #1090602017-02-07 02:59:25Farris said:

    Okay... first of all. @Shafnat , CHILL MOTHERFUCKER. It's not as bad as you think. Be confident, you're a handsome bloke, not a pimple. These "acne scars" DO NOT DEFINE YOU.

  9. #1102492017-04-27 08:13:32BakaHime said:

    SEKAIICHI HATSUKOI OMLLLLLLLLLLLLL I have the first volume for that. I bought it when I was with my parents too, what a nice kid I am.

  10. #1099612017-04-08 17:23:10 *Qarr said:

    Me with curly short hair:

    I then cut my hair a bit shorter and i look rlly good praise me everyone:

    incomplete eyeliner is slightly inspired by Alex Delarge

  11. #1099662017-04-08 18:05:12Jake said:

    So it has been a while but I became a Pokémon gym masterSorry, this media content cannot be displayed.