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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #1131312018-01-22 11:13:48 *Coldu said:

    outfit on point ✓

    cigarette in hand ✓

    dorky glasses ✓

    skin that looks like it hasn't seen sunlight since the birth of Christ ✓

    congrats you meet all the criteria for looking good #yeshomo

  2. #1130042018-01-12 04:51:43shafnat said:

    @chalice AAAAA I WANT PERFECT CURLY HAIR LIKE THAT i have curly hair but i dont know how to treat it well and it makes my head look just like a big pubes

  3. #1130422018-01-17 08:22:25 *shafnat said:

    if only i have not that much acne scars it would be aesthetic

    also why do they gave me 2 spoons and 2 straws it's pathetic

  4. #1130582018-01-18 03:15:58shafnat said:

    @chalice my sister took those without me noticing! she just sent me those after we got home. AND I LIKE YOUR HAIR MORE how can i have curly whirly swooshy hair like that

    and @IrawaWeirHolo it seems to be most south east asian male problem D:

  5. #1130712018-01-18 10:14:53Teru said:

    Hello you. If you wanted to comment on a post you just need to click on the date before your name and you'll go to another page, then comment there.

  6. #1130782018-01-18 22:43:59Dane said:

    Treat me like direct deposit-- check in on me sometime. Ask me how I'm really doin', so I never have to press that 9-1-1.. woahhh

    Hair fucked up but still wavy

  7. #1133842018-02-20 09:29:03Coldu said:

    only one eye @EvoRulz

    lmao jk, i think it's green because i was wearing that green sweater and the light reflected on my eye or whatever, otherwise my eyes are pretty brown.