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IRL Picture Thread

  1. #1136702018-04-09 17:58:03Arachne said:

    Working full time at the moment and studying on the side. Also cut & dyed hair and moved to another city like a divorcee would but without pearls. https://i.imgur.com/OLX7mGO.jpg

  2. #1139882018-05-21 08:32:23 *GOD said:


    i forgot my glasses, contacts, and tie but!! i got to cosplay kuchuu buranko with a friend, i remember yelling about it a couple years ago here so im feelin sentimental

  3. #1141762018-06-13 08:04:54Shiya said:

    As promised ugh. I look terrible @_@ This is the most recent picture of myself 3/1/2018. I figured I'd put one up of me genuinely smiling ^^'


  4. #1141822018-06-14 04:41:40BakaHime said:

    AWW T__T yes picture with people genuinely smiling always look nice 12/10

    send me some pics of when those leaves turn red thanks