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  1. New Music You've Discovered

    #742442014-04-25 22:15:53--Jack-- said:

    ♪ What music have you found? ♪

    This thread is for music you've just/recently found &/or is unpopular that you'd like to share. If you've been linked a band by a friend, if you've been looking through undiscovered artists or unpopular ones that you like...

    • Undiscovered Musical Artists

    • New Bands

    • Music you've just found

    • etc...

    Links to SoundCloud and to BandCamp pages are encouraged!

  2. #742492014-04-25 23:02:39Cenica said:

    I have been trying to remember what that band was called for the longest time. I kept looking for their song ghost and getting crappy and useless results...

  3. #742582014-04-26 05:23:31 *Mitsumami said:

    I found Oh Land last year through an artist recommendation list similar to other artists. Her songs are pretty good and catchy too

  4. #742602014-04-26 05:35:53 *Mitsumami said:

    I'm pretty sure everyone heard the famous Wrecking Ball song by Miley Cyrus but here's the same title by a band called " Mother Mother" that came out before Miley released her song. You can never be in a bad mood listening to this c:

  5. #743462014-04-28 02:49:31Deftones said:

    I've been getting into a bunch of new music (for me it's pretty new) so I'll post a band

    Mr Gnome

    I love this album, fucking classy shit right here. Atmosphere up the ass.

  6. #749482014-05-05 22:12:17Teil said:

    I've recently come across a new Vocaloid that goes by the name "MAYU." Her voicebank provided is more electronic sounding than the average vocaloid, and the instrumentals in the majority of her soundtracks appear to be rather unique among the Vocaloid community. So, I thought, why not share her. If you like more electrical toned music you may find some merit within this vocaloid.

    I do not regret breaking the chain of soundclouds either.

  7. #749632014-05-06 07:08:45Penthus said:


    I don't normally listen to this type of electronic music, but I thought this was pretty catchy and I like how the lyrics depict someone who is admitting their specifically carnal attraction to a partner, but in a melancholic manner.

    I Kill Giants

    Math rock/emo band. Unfortunately, found out about them after they broke up earlier this year.


    More math rock, but with a Japanese pop feel.


    Post rock, but utilizes traditional Korean instruments.

    Totally Nebular

    Short-lived indie/electronic rock band that only came out with one album.

  8. #749652014-05-06 08:46:21 *Penthus said:

    Mikgazer (album)

    Found out about this during late summer of last year, but I thought it'd be cool to share with you folks, anyway. It's a compilation of shoegaze songs by different artists who incorporate Vocaloid software into their tracks.

    Julia Holter

    Found out about her through TND's channel on YouTube. Experimental/ambient.

    The Cinematic Orchestra Presents: In Motion #1 (album)

    Another compilation album that features experimental and contemporary classical/jazz artists.

  9. #750332014-05-07 10:11:55Rebel said:

    Well I was on this cam model site o.o... Because it's a manly thing to do >_<"... umm well a chick asked me to listen to this song, it's really good and i thought i would share it

  10. #753592014-05-11 04:35:49 *kofuku said:

    So I was introduced to these guys last year when they played 'Make Me A Bird' (I believe it's the first single) at the end of Hemlock Grove. Then a couple days ago I remembered they probably have more songs out by now and walla! vvvvvv

    And of course I'll add this one too cuz it's amaze

  11. #753602014-05-11 04:57:11kofuku said:

    Pretty sure these guys got me into this genre of musics with their awesome possum remixes (totally adore the Collect Call/Metric remix <333). Deffo check out some of their other stuff :3

    These next two I first heard during one of my favourite films (Drive) (starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan and other ppls SO GO WATCH IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY) (cough) and yes they are quite enjoyable tunes.

  12. #758742014-05-16 06:54:20Penthus said:

    @Ipotane Glad you like them. Unfortunately, their drummer left the band earlier this year, so it's back to a three-piece. Hope you do get to see them live. I hadn't heard of Enemies before, but thanks for the recommendation. And I had heard Tera Melos before, but never really gave them a good listen until now. Very good stuff. I'm enjoying their X'ed Out album.

  13. #758772014-05-16 07:08:56 *Penthus said:


    Truckin' Swans, mothertrucker. If you haven't heard of them yet, why not? They're an experimental group started in the 80's. After more than thirteen years since their break up in 1997, they got back together in 2010 and have since released three new albums. Earlier this month, they had just released their most recent one, To Be Kind.

  14. #786692014-06-24 02:00:34vickylannister said:

    Gin Wigmore

    I found " Black Sheep" on the trailer of a movie on a youtube ad that I really didn't care to remember the name at the time.

    After listening to more songs by her I found out her song " Oh My" was featured in " Sucker Punch. " the movie about that girl that was delusional and stuff.

    Then there's another song that I absolutely love called " Kill of the Night" which I won't post since I couldn't find any official audio or music video.