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New Music You've Discovered

  1. #788042014-06-25 03:51:56instantmusic71 said:

    Dot Hacker

    This new band called Dot Hacker is pretty chill. They've been around for awhile (2008-), but their first album was delayed release til 2012, and now they're releasing an album split into two: How's Your Process? (Work), and How's Your Process? (Play), both coming out soon. I enjoyed their first album, and they've released a few singles for their newest work which sounded great, so now I'm excited for their sophomore release.

    Here's the first single they release a few months ago: Whatever You Want

  2. #789942014-06-27 06:36:52Wolfangle said:

    Found this interesting guy after long search for interesting poets/musicians that could help me with my work .w. This guy..Mixes his weird country folk accent and man is it cool.