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New Music You've Discovered

  1. #813462014-08-06 14:29:15 *kofuku said:

    I've seen these guys live at two festivals so far this summer and have to say they are AMAZING. Just their energy on stage makes you fall in love.

  2. #814382014-08-08 04:54:40Zyxx23 said:

    So due to what's currently happening in my life, I've been listening to this one a lot. I can pretty much relate to it.

  3. #835282014-10-13 04:03:44Destro said:

    These guys opened for Interpol it was the first time I ever heard them, and they killed it, so naturally I had to look them up and post it here, right?

  4. #840662014-10-28 00:52:59Ipotane said:

    @Destro How were Interpol? I finally got the chance to see them this summer and it was great? Liking this band a lot too so thanks for introducing me to them!

  5. #840682014-10-28 01:38:52 *Destro said:

    @Ipotane It was pretty awesome they played at a venue called the Granada which is a pretty small place with a low stage and two of my best friends and i were lucky enough to snag a spot in the front row. They played a lot of great songs mostly their new stuff which was kinda disappointing cause i wanted to rock out to my nostalgia tunes. but it was wicked none the less. Also being next to the speaker made my ear ring for two whole days! it was my first real concert so i think its gonna hold a special place in my heart for a while. OH and i saw the keyboardist trip over Paul Banks' guitar which was dope. This lady was the one of the only people closer than i was to the stage.

  6. #838612014-10-23 14:36:26Ucui said:

    Not really new, but I've been chilling to a lot of Sam Ock collabs recently. Always love his stuff.

  7. #838622014-10-23 14:59:11Kuro-tan said:
    Why isn't this a popular song among the Vocaloid community????
    I've been listening to this non-stop

    Also, this comment..

    Jelly Kun 1 week ago

    Omg the English parts, imagine what the japanese parts mean O-Ò

    Dear lord

  8. #840532014-10-27 19:06:33 *Cenica said:

    I like listening to the songs in the Google Play monthly sampler becauase they have newer bands in it and it's free mp3 downloads. This month though, nothing really stuck out. Here's a couple that I thought were okay.

    Also if you like metal there's a free metal album each month.

    (This is totally my new theme song. ^__^)