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  1. Child of Light: A Modern Fairy Tale

    #744712014-04-30 17:08:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    jPOEpY5.pngToday, on April 30th 2014, Ubisoft released a new game called Child of Light.

    It tells the story of Aurora, who is lost in a magical wonderland of dreams. On her quest to return home, she has to fight evil monsters and restore the sun, the moon and the stars, who are held captive by the Queen of the Night.

    The game is a mix of platformer and classic turn-based "J"RPG, reminiscent of old Final Fantasy titles. In fact, Yoshitaka Amano, one of the earliest concept artists working on Final Fantasy games, has lent his artistical talent to Ubisoft's endeavour to create this charming game. Combined with composer Béatrice Martin, known as Cœur de pirate's soundtrack, Child of Light cannot be described other than a beautiful piece of art. It is no surprise that such a finely crafted game would receive scores ranging from 8/10 to 10/10 across the board.

    Being based on the UbiArt Framework engine, which has been used for the recent Rayman: Origins and Legends, the game is a mix of platforming, turn-based battle encounters, classic RPG skill progression and a separately-controlled companion in the form of a firefly called Igniculus, who serves Aurora's quest both in puzzles and combat.

    A lot of ideas come together in Child of Light to create a wonderful world full of discovery and magic often described as a modern fairy tale. Despite this, the game stays child-friendly and approachable - although the Hard difficulty mode will bring even veterans to sweat.

    Official Website - Steam - Soundtrack - Youtube

    The game is out now digitally on PC, Wii U, Playstation 3 and 4 (supporting cross-buy), Xbox 360 and Xbox One, for $15 / 15€.

    A retail edition is available in Europe, yet does not contain the game on-disc, instead including a download key. A deluxe edition is being offered as well, including an artbook and poster as well as further gimmicks.

  2. #745072014-05-01 07:41:22 *Kirn said:

    I played this a bit this late night. I very much liked it. The game has a soul.

    Style I obviously like. I love hand-drawn things, and here it mixes with just the right amount of 3D. At first I was really worried about the main character model being 3D, because I played a quest recently where the similar method was used - 3D model in drawn world, and it really didn't work well at all. Here it actually works and looks alright.
    What really made me wonder is the fact they all talk in rhymes there. Hell, they even write in rhymes. Which, quite honestly, still gives me some troubles. See, that's not my native language, so at times when I try to read it I get stumbled... not on the words themselves, but on the pacing of the verses if that makes any sense. Well, I kinda try to read it like I red Hamlet, because even if you read Hamlet you have to rhyme an pace it properly in your head. Anyways, I guess, I will get used to it. And it certainly is something unique.

    And you know me, I can forgive a lot if the game is just interesting in style or story. But here the gameplay is also pretty solid. I think the thing here is there are a lot of mechanics. They are very simple, but there are a lot of them. There's flying, which allows you to look for pretty much all secret areas right away. And you should. There's firefly companion which is your mouse cursor and you can open chest, solve puzzles and gather healing lights with him. And the mix of side-scrolling world and turn-based battles works.
    And I was afraid that it would not be so and battles would be boring, you know. But you have to follow a lot of stuff in battle. Again, the firefly can pick up healing and mana during fight, and he can blind enemies, slowing them down. And you have to follow both your and enemy turns and try to interrupt their actions and no let them do that to you. It's quite fun, actually.

    So, all in all, a very nice game. I am playing normal difficulty and for now it feels quite easy, but maybe later the enemies will get more challenging. But anyhow, it's good fun.

    PS. Pro-tip. Create diamond as soon as you can and upgrade it as soon as you can. When put in middle slot, diamond boosts the exp gain for that character. So obviously, I am keeping that on main character for power-leveling purposes )