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  1. Choose: Love vs Money

    #745802014-05-01 23:53:19 *hikhami said:

    If you had to choose between someone you love and someone with money what would your choice be and why would you choose it. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz552hjsl51rn1630o1_500.gif

    for me sometimes money cuz love hurts but in the end i guess i will choose love because love is happiness and money can't buy that :)

  2. #745922014-05-02 00:22:43 *Cenica said:

    If you had to choose between love and money

    Meaning you have those as choices. Nothing else. Most everyone else can read.

    There I even changed it so it was more easily understandable for people.

  3. #745932014-05-02 00:24:49 *Teil said:


    Love There are tons of things you can do with money. However, OP did not specify that the person with the money would be willing to spend/share it with you. Flaws in wording I say! Either way, I would have chose love. There isn't really a right or wrong answer to this post, as it is all based around opinions. Therefore, my choice needs no explaining. I'll just throw the old "does one need a reason to want love?" cliche out there as my explanation.

  4. #746002014-05-02 01:02:55Deftones said:

    Someone with money, because they would buy me tons of shit, and give me tons of money.

    And then when I'm done with that relationship and I'm all cashed up, I would find someone to love. And I'd support us with all the money I got from the last sucker. Duh.

  5. #746052014-05-02 01:10:07Cenica said:

    Guys you're only supposed to be picking one not thinking of plans to get both. (Cheaters...)
    Honestly it probably sounds a little out of character and sappy coming from me but I think I'd choose love over money every time. To be honest I think it'd be more satisfying to live comfortably with someone you love than be miserable with someone who is rich. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m80gd6HMIW1rn95k2o1_400.gif

    Money: Can actually buy you some happiness I believe. If you have money you have good health care, a nice house, as much food as you want, and plenty left for hobbies. Money can lead you to a life of few worries. But I think I would personally be dissatisfied with an easy life especially if I wasn't spending it with someone I was affectionate towards. It'd probably become boring pretty quickly not to mention a life built on this could quickly fall apart if you became broke.
    Love: I think might be difficult at times especially if you're struggling with money but I think it's better to know you have someone you trust and can rely on. It seems like it'd be easier knowing this fact than relying on something as fragile as money for a relationship.

  6. #746282014-05-02 05:36:33Dark-B said:

    Well, believe it or not, I would rather choose love, but I honestly think the OP was just too vague really, could've used more descriptions and outlines on the situation for accepting either, but oh well, I'll try and think of "someone to love" not just in a romantic and sexual way, because loving a person doesn't necessarily mean that. And what OP has failed to mention was the fact when he said money or love, he should've went on and added in more background to choosing, because I can just assume I'd have money anyway with someone I love rather than with someone with money, and the person with money I may actually like a little less, a little more, rather than hate him and just be after his money.

    Needs more description really, but I'll just go along with it and choose love. Why? Different reasons and factors unmentioned, and I'll list a bit.

    • Haven't mentioned setting of, am I poor, am I rich, am I after the person with money's money only, or do I actually like him as well, just not more?

    • If I would to assume I'm already rich and feeling comfortable, why would I aim for someone else's money anyway, I will try and be with people I can trust and not just love financially.

    • I already said, no reason for the person I love and choose to be romantic or sexual, maybe he/she is just someone I would actually care to be and spend time with the rest of my life, and the key to a great relationship anyway is always friendship first.

    • If I would to assume I wasn't financially well as well, I'd still rather keep experiencing life than just have it easy and decide to kill myself early on. One of the main reasons of suicide these days is the feeling you're not needed in this world, and that no one is there for you, and I would definitely not want to feel it. Being surrounded by people I love and actually care to live to talk, interact, and live with them is far better than what money can bring me in case I didn't have any.

    • Like said, I don't even know if that person who'll be with money will be giving it to me and making me feel comfortable, and even if he did, what makes it so that he'll be taking care of me personally instead of just handing money to me and making me feel like a worker he pays? a lot of rich men wives end up miserable because they don't get to interact or spend times with their husbands, often feeling alone, and some end up cheating anyway, and that's not something I want to live my life like.

    • Love really isn't as fragile as you think it is. There are just some points and bases people forget, often making it appear that fragile, and one of those is not starting step by step. You will see a lot of great relationships being started with friendships, or just mutual respect and building up and up, and even when they reach the point of it they are still building up. You shouldn't take people for granted, and you should definitely continue getting to know people better, and experiencing with people more no matter how long back you date to, so you don't have an excuse for being "dull" because you just didn't spend most of your time thinking about making it last with actions and not just words.

    So yeah, most definitely would choose love, and even if you actually made more detailed and specific settings I'd still choose it.

  7. #746312014-05-02 05:47:26johan_5179 said:

    Love (understood as the desire of good for another) is in fact so unnatural a phenomenon that it can scarcely repeat itself, the soul being unable to become virgin again and not having energy enough to cast itself out again into the ocean of another's soul. - James Joyce

    True love is a rare thing people. If I can find it I'll choose it. Money comes and it goes, and its never enough.

  8. #746422014-05-02 07:04:14 *--Jack-- said:


    ...because the kind of happy feel love gives is not obtainable just with money. Even if you try to argue "money can help my find love without having to work, making love come to me quicker!" still, you'd be looking for love. That isn't the same as being that happy with money alone. If I am poor and I find love, then I am happy, but if I am poor and find myself rich, I am happy as well.

    The difference between happiness from money (material things) and emotional connections like love (non-material) are not equivalent. So it ultimately depends on the person. Some people don't really value social/emotional connections like they do material possessions. So in the end, my opinion is just that--an opinion.


  9. #754612014-05-12 19:27:50 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    Depends on the amount of love and money present.

    True Love is truly a Once in a lifetime happening. This means that you love your partner strongly that you're ready to commit and spend the rest of your life with them.

    While this is true, even if it did happen, but your social status are not equal, then you two can be together, unless you fight for it, which will result..more or less, you two going on your own, with no backbone sponsor (in case of emergencies), no advice from the elderly, no nothing.

    You're literally on your own.

    Usually, this doesn't bode well, but if you do manage to put up with it and survive, then good for you.

    But for those that don't, it usually results on blame games, then angst, then drama, then eventual separation due to reasons. After which, both parties would return to their own families, which will result in a big "I told you so" by at least one family member.

    So...yeah, it depends

  10. #756232014-05-14 11:01:30arnaK said:

    Money 'cos love is inconsistent and cliche. I'm in a relationship and everything but constantly worrying about what they think of you is exhausting. I mean, we never even had a real conversation. Sure, we talk, but not a lot. And being betrayed is just tiring. Money doesn't betray you. You get exactly what you paid for.

  11. #756422014-05-14 14:59:50Zyxx23 said:

    I would choose love over money... money can be gone in an instant, but love stays for a very long time :)

  12. #759592014-05-17 14:11:24 *dkx said:

    If you make another one option named Happiness,I will choose it without thinking.But With love and Money,Money is not stays longer but your love will never leave you.