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  1. EarthPorn Thread

    #746012014-05-02 01:04:26 *--Jack-- said:

    Note: this is not actual porn, nor is porn allowed here.


    http://gregorymancuso.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Earthporn-20-sunset-ocean.jpg Wallpaper size of this bottom image here


    ...is the slang word for photography of beautiful parts of the world. Such as:

    • Landscapes

    • Skylines

    • Flowers

    • Sunsets, etc...

    So I'd like users to share some of their favorite, or maybe even their own photos that qualify as "Earthporn"!

    These also make great wallpapers~

  2. #746082014-05-02 01:36:35Teil said:

    YayYa I'm really into the whole dark and solemn sceneries. They have a mystical feeling to them that I can't get enough of. Ugh I enjoy this one because standing atop the ledge praising the sun would be the best experience in all of the history of everything.