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  1. EarthPorn Thread

    #746012014-05-02 01:04:26 *--Jack-- said:

    Note: this is not actual porn, nor is porn allowed here. Wallpaper size of this bottom image here

    EarthPorn! the slang word for photography of beautiful parts of the world. Such as:

    • Landscapes

    • Skylines

    • Flowers

    • Sunsets, etc...

    So I'd like users to share some of their favorite, or maybe even their own photos that qualify as "Earthporn"!

    These also make great wallpapers~

  2. #746082014-05-02 01:36:35Teil said:

    YayYa I'm really into the whole dark and solemn sceneries. They have a mystical feeling to them that I can't get enough of. Ugh I enjoy this one because standing atop the ledge praising the sun would be the best experience in all of the history of everything.