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Parent: Choose: Love vs Money

  1. #746052014-05-02 01:10:07Cenica said:

    Guys you're only supposed to be picking one not thinking of plans to get both. (Cheaters...)
    Honestly it probably sounds a little out of character and sappy coming from me but I think I'd choose love over money every time. To be honest I think it'd be more satisfying to live comfortably with someone you love than be miserable with someone who is rich. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m80gd6HMIW1rn95k2o1_400.gif

    Money: Can actually buy you some happiness I believe. If you have money you have good health care, a nice house, as much food as you want, and plenty left for hobbies. Money can lead you to a life of few worries. But I think I would personally be dissatisfied with an easy life especially if I wasn't spending it with someone I was affectionate towards. It'd probably become boring pretty quickly not to mention a life built on this could quickly fall apart if you became broke.
    Love: I think might be difficult at times especially if you're struggling with money but I think it's better to know you have someone you trust and can rely on. It seems like it'd be easier knowing this fact than relying on something as fragile as money for a relationship.