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  1. The Idiot's Guide to DRRR-Styled Gravatars [Updated]

    #746642014-05-02 13:49:47 *Jacek said:

    Jacek's Guide to DRRR-Styled custom Gravatars.

    The files

    MEGA link for people who can't access Dropbox

    What you will need:

    • Photoshop or GIMP or SAI

    • The files from the link above.

    • A tiny bit of creativity.

    Getting started:

    Once you've downloaded the files provided, open up the ZIP and open the EVERYTHING file in your program of choice. In my case, Photoshop.

    Once opened you will find yourself greeted with a familiar face and wherever your Layers are, you will find a very long list of folders.


    All of the folder names are self explanatory and yes, everything can be mixed and matched. You may have bad results depending on the selection of items, but for the most part, everything works well together. Each folder contains a large amount of items, so open one at a time. It's so much easier that way.

    In order to change the color, do this:

    • Scroll to the bottom and find the "Back" layer.

    • Pick a color through the Color Picker

    • Use a fill function or the bucket tool to cover the "Back" layer.

    • Toggle the visibility or color the "BodyOutline Copy" layer to fit the background.

      • Toggling visibility can be done by clicking the "eye" icon on PS and probably GIMP.

    Once you are done, save the PSD file and export a PNG or JPEG version for uploading.

    Also provided in the folder is the SpecialAvatars PSD. This file contains pre-made DRRR-styled avatars that resemble existing anime characters. You can also edit them the same way you edit the other file.

    If I have forgotten anything/anything needs further expanding, let me know and I'll edit this post.

    Credits for all of these files and designs go to their original creator on the old site.

  2. #747132014-05-03 01:27:33Jacek said:

    From what I can tell all you did was trace over the base and draw your own designs poorly. This has nothing to do with the thread or the style. Go share your "artwork" on the artist thread.

  3. #747142014-05-03 02:08:17 *Rebel said:

    @Jacek I didn't trace over the base... I edited someone else drr gravtar because I can't access the site for 'The files'... so calm down and let it happen... unless you have access of the files through another site's link for me....

  4. #747152014-05-03 02:13:44Jacek said:

    If your post has nothing to do with the thread, please remove it. There is no point in posting for the sake of being apart of the discussion.

  5. #747312014-05-03 06:13:14Kirn said:

    Drrr avatars are so out of style.. I have no idea why you people are remembering it now... Oh, wait, the upcoming season 2, I guess... Well, at least it also won't last.