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The Idiot's Guide to DRRR-Styled Gravatars [Updated]

  1. #748092014-05-04 04:44:40Kip said:

    @Teil i have no idea what your actual character looks like so i did it based on the grav you posted and what i could kind of??? see in your icon

  2. #748102014-05-04 04:47:01 *Yugure said:

    Teil, I thought you were loyal to your gravatar? Omg. We have eliminated Frey, and you're gonna join the dark side?

    FIIIIRE!! -pew pew pew-

  3. #748192014-05-04 11:06:14PureBoredom said:

    I have succumbed to the fad, god damnit. I also forgot i gave myself ears and forgot to take them off... Guess I have ears now.

  4. #748802014-05-05 05:02:35 *Wolfangle said:

    You can really tell the old users from the new, now

    Users from the old site: Colorless

    Users born on this site: erotic rainbows

    EDIT: maybe even no sense of monochrome

  5. #749032014-05-05 08:14:49Kip said:

    i made myself a Server-tan icon. you guys should ping or PM me if you have some special request for an icon that isn't available in the regular selection!

  6. #943952015-11-22 02:40:35--Jack-- said:

    UPDATE - Download Fixed

    It's come to my attention that the link to the files in the OP was broken, so I've changed the link to mediafire so you're still able to download "Everything.PSD" which contains all the photoshop (or paint tool SAI) layers used in making your own custom icon. Thank you.