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  1. CL Short Story Project 4: Crime Fiction - CLOSED!

    #746782014-05-02 20:27:52 *DarkChaplain said:

    Welcome to CL's next exciting Short Story Project!

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For the full project details, please refer to those threads.


    Format, Genre & Restrictions

    You will be writing an original Crime Fiction story.
    This has been suggested by various users and was widely accepted by the others involved in the discussion. You are free to mix in other genres or themes, as long as the story can be recognized as falling into the above.

    Crime fiction is the literary genre that fictionalises crimes, their detection, criminals and their motives. It is usually distinguished from mainstream fiction and other genres such as science fiction or historical fiction, but boundaries can be, and indeed are, blurred. It has several sub-genres, including detective fiction (such as the whodunit), legal thriller, courtroom drama and hard-boiled fiction.
    More on Wikipedia

    The topic may seem intimidating at first, but please think about it for a moment. There are A LOT of different ways to write about crime, whether from a criminal's point of view, that of a detective, policeman, judge, attorney, or even a bystander or witness.

    Crime also exists in pretty much every setting; modern society, fantasy worlds, space colonies, they're all going to have to deal with crime eventually. This makes this topic the most flexible yet - you can write realism, fantasy, science fiction, horror, the list goes on.
    The scope of your story can vary from investigations to gang wars or organized crime, or even just petty thievery or heists. Mystery is very much appreciated!

    Think carefully about your approach this time, and pick an angle you are most comfortable with or interested in!


    Test which narrative styles work for you, which point of view you want to take, and consider your characters' moral positioning. You are free to write about the good guys, the bad guys, or the ones operating in the grey area. Moral ambiguity will benefit your stories a lot.

    Now that the topic is settled and explained, here are the more specific rules.

    You shall plan your story to take up around 2500 to 7500 words. Crime Fiction benefits greatly from being rich of detail, similar to Science Fiction. However, unlike Sci-Fi, where the detail is usually in the worldbuilding on the grander scope, or the technology, with Crime you want to look at the details of criminal activities, and investigations.
    Logic is key to writing detective stories, or presenting legal procedures. Don't be afraid of looking into specific laws or cases that may help you paint a convincing picture!

    The following Not Safe for Work Restrictions apply:

    There may be no purely sexual scenes in your story. While your story may have sexual aspects, taking it too far will have you disqualified. Tasteless smut will not be tolerated! You can get away with implying a scene like this, if it furthers the plot and does not become excessive. Remember that we have younger users on here!

    Regarding Fan- and Tie-in Fiction

    Do not write fan or tie-in fiction. Work on your own, original story instead. Do not restrict yourself to already existing franchises or characters, and best keep in mind that the reader will not have existing knowledge on any one franchise you might try to touch on anyway.
    This means no Anime, no Space Marines, no Holmes, no Ice and Fire, no Trolls, and also no CL users.

    I know fully well how tempting it may appear to write about your favorite world's greatest detective or inquisitor. However, resist that urge.


    Project Schedule

    The project starts today, May 2nd.

    You will have until Monday, the 9th of June to submit your story.

    This timeframe is supposed to allow you fully sketch out your story. As stated earlier, Crime Fiction lives on details and logic, and finding suitable approaches for yourselves may be rough initially. I hope that an extended timeframe will help you come to terms with it, without forcing you to rush the execution!

    As an added point:

    Please submit a short concept / synopsis or general idea by Sunday the 11th of May!

    Even if you do not have a great, fully fleshed-out idea yet, please do communicate your ideas anyway. You may either post on this thread, or PM me about it, in case you consider your idea solid enough and do not want to spoil others who will follow the thread.

    Please use this opportunity to gather feedback and discuss your concepts! Formulating your ideas and putting them out there does a lot to progress it, so don't be intimidated or insecure about your initial thoughts!

    Please be aware that you may hand your submissions in earlier, though, since that'll help me getting things done quicker after the deadline drops. As last time, the stories will be edited into ebook formats, and the more time you give me to get your story finalized for the format, the better.

    Also make sure you have enough time to proofread and edit your story!


    Submitting Your Story

    Do NOT post your full story, or huge chunks of it, on this thread or anywhere else on the forum!
    Submissions solely via the forum or PM will NOT be accepted!

    Instead, either PM me a properly formatted .rtf (Wordpad) document or similar. Alternatively you may send the document file via Skype (@ DarkChaplain). Copy/Pasted text and external websites are a no-go! Google Docs is fine, as long as I can grab said file from there.

    The document itself may not use colored text. Keep it simple, keep it clean. Make sure your formatting makes it easy to read your story.

    If you require your story to feature a second font type, which may be used to show machine-speak or other curiosities (which is not uncommon in Science Fiction), please let me know ahead of time.

    An additional request: If you use italics, please mark them as you would on the forum by placing two *asterisks* around the word or phrase! This will help me when formatting your stories for the ebooks!

    Now, Good Writing!


  2. #746872014-05-02 22:32:16Kirn said:

    Hmmm... so, that time of the year again. Well, I can't get any ideas right now, and these upcoming days are looking up to be quite stressful, but I will surely think about the possible story.

  3. #746882014-05-02 22:40:23Dark-B said:

    I am already working on the general outlines of the story, hopefully the basic structure and settings can be done tomorrow, I'll try but I'll have like 3 weeks free time anyway if I can't pull the entire story off.

    Well, hopefully I can do good.

  4. #747662014-05-03 15:14:02Rinneko said:

    Busy these few weeks, and no ideas currently, but I'll be pondering over this during the weekends. I should be alright to submit my synopsis by the mentioned date. :) I'm looking forward to reading what awesome stories everyone will be submitting!

  5. #747682014-05-03 15:31:44johan_5179 said:

    I'll be thinking about it, sure, but I don't think I'll get any actual work one till the 17th. Or maybe the 19th, depending on what I do right after the exams are over ^_^

    But I'll definitely be getting something good in, you can rest assured on my participation front.

  6. #749042014-05-05 09:47:05Ucui said:

    I have testing coming up. If I have time to do it, then I'll definitely pull in the hours, but I don't want to pull another few all nighters again. If I can't find the time, then please don't expect too much from me.

  7. #749082014-05-05 10:37:06DarkChaplain said:

    Y'know what I don't get? The lack of feedback regarding the timeframe on the discussion thread.

    If you knew you'd have a busy few weeks ahead, why didn't you say so to begin with, so I could adjust the starting date accordingly?
    Mind you, I have no problem with pushing the project around a bit to increase participation, you know that by now. But I can't consider what you won't let me know.until I made the decisions and gave the go-ahead.

    If DC asks for feedback during the planning stages of a project, actually give feedback and concerns.

  8. #749102014-05-05 11:45:25Kirn said:

    Tell you what. I am still absolutely not sure if I will be writing anything yet, what's with preparing for more killings in me city and all, but if I will... I kinda imagine me story to be placed in a bar on a slow late night, where something criminal is going as the place is visited by the local cop. Perhaps some events that would drag on from late evening to early morning.

    Or something like that. I kinda imagine it to be a sort of melancholy thing, though it may as well change fast. And I am not sure about the setting yet, but I kinda imagine it in a America 1930 style setting.

    Anyhow, that's just a thought I had, and I am in no way confirming anything here.

  9. #750162014-05-07 05:39:11 *Mau said:

    I will be participating! Though'll probably submit it earlier due to having a presentation on the 2nd. Shouldn't be too much of an issue for myself, and my work should kick off around the 14th, so 3 weeks should be enough time.

    Playing around with some ideas on how to write the synopsis due

  10. #751542014-05-08 13:11:02hellstorm901 said:

    Not completely set on an idea but I wouldn't mind blending a bit of Sci-Fi into it because this opens up the ability to write about the kinds of crimes we'd see in the future and how the Police in the future would be able to combat them.

    Some little thoughts I was pondering on was an investigation into a new drug going around where the means of distribution/injection are through knock off augmentations.

    A murder plot based around people being killed for their augmentations for some unknown purpose.

    Yeah both little ideas feature augmentations because I like to think about the new ways crimes are carried out and how they would be combated when living in a Deus - Ex style society.

  11. #751572014-05-08 13:44:15Kirn said:

    @hellstorm901 you may want to look as "Almost Human" TV series. They basically deal with the same things - police work in a futuristic world. They do tend to make usual TV series mistakes of side-tracking from the main story a lot, but they do constantly bring up some new techno-crap police has to deal with.

  12. #752052014-05-09 05:18:37 *--Jack-- said:

    I thought this might be inspirational at the very least to those who intend on writing.


    My story is still too abstract of a thought to really describe at the moment. I also thought of going with a futuristic mix, but I like the classic style too.

  13. #752152014-05-09 08:38:21Dark-B said:

    Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the story shall be sent in less than a week. Because other than finishing it(And I'm halfway through now), there obviously a lot of edits and revision to be made.

    Well, anyway, that's my update so far.

  14. #752902014-05-10 06:55:46Rinneko said:

    Submitted my general concept to DC to avoid revealing plot twists here. :) Additionally, regarding the timeframe, I'm not busier than I would be on any other day in the year so it's of no consequence to me currently.

  15. #758062014-05-15 15:20:21 *MrTrain said:

    I want opinion on this story:

    An 11 month old baby is kidnapped by a couple(I'm not sure of their intention yet). After a while the kidnappers for whatever reason decide to rise him like they would if they had a child except without letting him go outside. They happen to be somewhat of a happy family for a few years but things lead to another and the husband decides to leave (or is forcibly removed). Their family is now as a single mother and child one; then the story progresses to when the child is older (8-12). The child starts to speculate the reasons for not having baby pictures, always being home schooled, never getting to go outside, and more importantly a no birth certificate. The mother finally reveals the truth but from then on she is never seen the same in his eyes and he wants to ask for help but he doesn't know how, he was never taught about police. He decides to start going outside when he can at certain intervals of the day find out more on society.

    That's what I got so far

  16. #758092014-05-15 15:57:19 *Dark-B said:

    @MrTrain If you actually make this happen, I will seriously be the first person anticipating it. This is a synopsis for a fine read, and working on it will probably hopefully give you a clearer perspective on it. Seriously, I would personally anticipate this story a lot, but careful how you plan things out.

    Well, good luck.

  17. #758612014-05-16 05:19:53Rinneko said:

    It looks good, and could probably expand into a really awesome read. However, it might be a bit tough to fit in the span of a short story.

  18. #759102014-05-16 20:31:11Dark-B said:

    Yes, I should post an update on my status:

    I have finished my initial story, but after further inspection and reading, I decided to make another version of it that would be similar in that a lot of scenes are still the same, yet each one will have different focus and plot points changed. So, I could've been done around today or tomorrow, but I decided to give more time to getting a better end result, hopefully the current path I'm heading for the story turns out better and more rounded than the first.

  19. #763752014-05-21 20:03:54Dark-B said:

    Here it is guys, I have finally submitted my story and is now awaiting like the rest of you.

    And yes, taking extra time was very beneficial for me, helped me relax more while continuing to change and revise a lot of stuff, but now I feel there is nothing more I want to put and the story is good enough for submission.

    Well, I can finally relax now. And it's been fun, seriously, which was the entire point of this.