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  1. Headset?

    #74732012-01-18 18:32:27HutchHutchenson said:

    So I'm not much of a technical person so I thought I'd see who here is. I've had some Plantronic wireless headset I've been using for like a year now that have worked fine until recently. One day they just all of a sudden had no sound and the mic was extremely distorted. I had broken them once before and managed to repair them so I thought the headset had finally given out on me. Therefore, I went out and bought a new headset thinking that was all I needed. I plugged this one in and the audio is all messed up and garggly. It's the same when you speak through the mic. The odd thing is I haven't changed any of my computer settings or anything since my old Plantronics used to work so I'm not sure what caused all my headsets to no longer work. If it means anything they're both the type with their own onboard audio that just plug into a usb port.