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  1. How to Make Money Selling Drugs (Documentary)

    #747672014-05-03 15:20:04 *Kirn said:

    Hello one and all Breaking Bad fans! I am sure you are already curious about the title, so let me first state that I do not make this post to make you do drugs or sell drugs. I post this with a pure goal of educating you about an important issue that is raging across many countries. Okay? Okay! Now light up and let's get this party started!

    So, surprisingly, this movie is actually about teaching you how money is made selling drugs. They take all the former drug sellers of different levels and they tell you how they started and how they did their business. They also show you some lawyers and a few politicians and ex-cops talking about drugs, drugs sellers and the war on drugs.
    Now, personally, I never got interested in drugs, just so you know. Never took them. My strongest addiction is alcohol, which is also talked about in this movie. So, I am very removed from this issue. Still, I find this interesting and they did it in a proper way. Because they really tell you about real stages of climbing the drug-selling ladder, from the lowest of the low to the Mexican drug lord. It's a gradual story-telling done right. And along the way they start taking about the war on drugs and how it doesn't really work and just used by politicians to get support and for police to get budget. And the end of the movie is briefly dedicated to stating the obvious message of drugs (any addictive drugs) being evil and some thoughts on dealing with this issue.
    Now, quite honestly, I feel that movie is not giving any real answers to problems or any solutions... So if you want to know any - don't watch it. However, I found the information about stages of drug trade extremely interesting, so if you want to know just to know - do watch this. Knowledge is always good. I also feel like the aim of the movie kinda makes you sympathize with drug-dealers, at least with the ones that are shown, and feel bad about police. So you really should remember that people you see there are former criminals and you are to feel bad for them at your own risk. And really, that teary-eyed ex-cop they showed in the middle of the movie, who now helps to entrap other cops... I don't really trust that fucking bastard at all, and fuck him.
    But as I said, if you are careful not to be swayed by sympathies and watch this just to get some solid info - this is a great movie and I strongly recommend it.

    WARNING: this film has some bad language there and there are strong graphic images in the segment about drug lords. You be warned.

    PS. If you actually use this movie as a guideline and start selling drugs and get jailed or killed in the process - I want to know that this happened, so I can take credit for ruining you lives!

  2. #747712014-05-03 18:12:46mizlily said:

    I heard from someone who tried to make an extra buck from selling marijuana. He soaked the leaves in green dye and told his customers that it was the fresh kind. Then he charge them extra for at it's finest.