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  1. The Scale of the Internet

    #74982012-01-18 21:53:43VivoDePyre said:

    When the internet was first developed, I doubt anybody would have predicted the social effect it would have. While the transfer of information could occur so spontaneously and rapidly, it also opened up a web of personal communication. People from across the globe could talk with one another, or across the street. Small groups and world communities had this free flowing, unrestricted forum upon which to converse.

    What does this matter? Consider how quickly information of SOPA has went around. This bill was introduced late last year, in October. It's now January, about 3 months later, and most of the nation knows. Multiple bits of information regarding SOPA, opinions, announcements, petitions; all of these things to about 240,000,000 american internet users alone. While this is not to say every person on the internet has seen it, if even a tenth have (24kk), that's more people than New York state's population. If half of those people with connection to the internet hear about it, it's more than the population of California, New York, and Florida combined.

    One piece of information can be spread hundreds of thousands of times. We share news, images, and videos on a daily basis. We are mediums of information but with 100's, 1000's, even 100,000's of connections that we may convey information to.

    Now imagine a small amount of people were allowed to censor, sanction, and limit it. Why? So you'll buy more stuff from them.

    Yes I know it's been said a million times, I wanted to say it for the 1,000,001th time.

  2. #75012012-01-18 22:06:40 *Elegy said:

    I think the more it's said the better. There's still people out there who don't realize what this can do to the internet as we know it, so this needs to be hammered in till everyone understands just what this means.

    I also like the way you worded this.

  3. #75042012-01-18 22:13:29Fieyr said:

    Just a thought. Does anything exist that's equivalent to an Internet Bill of Rights to protect us from this kind of regressive legislation? If not, why not?

  4. #75152012-01-19 00:04:43eterno said:

    It's an interesting thought actually if these bills would pass, what would happen to the world as a whole? It's practically a death sentence to the Internet. Would we return to the days before the Internet? Or maybe a return to a decentralized Internet like in the early 00s?

    As resilient as the Internet is, it just wouldn't be the Internet anymore if these pass. I know the PRC is censoring the Internet for their own populace but America? That's censoring the World!

    And that's another interesting thought, would another country that would resist the almost certain wave of similiar bills passing be the new cultural capital of the World? Arguably, every country in the world is living 'like an American' nowadays (compared to during the Cold War especially) so what if another country, say South Korea, would fill the huge gap America would make in the event of SOPA/PIPA passing. Would everyone starts to live like a Korean?

  5. #75252012-01-19 01:21:21JoJoBird said:

    I just heard about how the media has hardly ever commented or spoke of SOPA and PIPA since October. Seeing how many people speak out against must mean the internet is working. Last year a friend of mine spoke about a bill that was being passed around made by the Rockerfellers that was supposed to do the exact same thing, now the conspiracy theorists we arethought of it as a way to shut the people up and allow them to do anything they want. And seeing how little the News covered it makes that seem like a possibility.I really do thinktheres some agenda other than piracy protection going on here.

  6. #75562012-01-19 02:30:02Fieyr said:

    @JoJoBird - Many of the news organizations are owned by the big media companies that support SOPA.

    2 notable examples:

    ABC... Owned by Disney... Supports SOPA CNN... Owned by Time Warner... Supports SOPA

    Television media is no longer, and hasn't been for quite some time, an accurate source of information.

  7. #75892012-01-19 04:12:18lolikitsune said:

    [quote]Television media is no longer, and hasn't been for quite some time, an accurate source of information.[/quote] QFT