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  1. The Science Thread

    #749982014-05-06 21:49:47 *--Jack-- said:



    This thread is an all-encompassing Science thread. Feel free to make threads about specific things! But this is a goto thread for the following:

    • Scientific Discoveries

    • Scientific News

    • Science tricks and cool stuff

    • Technological News

    • Technological Discoveries & whatever else obviously belongs here*.

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    And memes are welcome In a Restricted Amount, meaning don't flood the thread with them.


  2. #750032014-05-06 23:16:05hellstorm901 said:
    The United States Navy Electromagnetic Railgun.
    While this technology will probably cause hell for the people being shelled on the receiving end of it the real potential of this technology is its potential use as a Mass Driver to send objects up into space.

    So a little history on this, you see an Artillery Engineer by the name of Gerald Bull proposed some years ago that a gun could be used to propel an object into space thus making the space industry more cost effective and increasing our ability to expand into space. Bull created a project by the name of HARP (No not "that" one) this was the High Altitude Research Project and surprisingly it proved results as Bull managed to get a object 60+ miles into sub orbit. The project sadly was shut down after Canada protested the Vietnam War, the Canadians assuming the project was a weapon wanted no business with it.

    Now here's where it gets rather sad and an example of a valuable piece of technology being denied to us due to unforeseeable events. Bull was committed to seeing his project work and in an attempt to get the necessary backing to construct something like a supergun he found his way into Saddam Hussein circle where he was hired as an Artillery designer for the Iraqi military where he began Project Babylon. Bull of course played his cards pretty well in convincing Saddam that he was doing this and not using funds on his own ambitions, he played his cards too well in fact as his projects and occasional work with improving SCUD missiles led many intelligence services to believe he was creating a weapon capable of bombing Israel, he had tried to preempt this by briefing all the intelligence services he could find and arguing how Project Babylon was no threat to Israel or anybody but the damage clearly had been done. Bull had shown himself as a threat and VIP who could not be allowed to escape when the Iraqi War began later Bull was assassinated in his apartment by an unknown shooter thus ending hopes that a Mass Driver capable of sending objects into space would be built.

    That is until now. Historically speaking all Wars and Battles have paved the way for advances in Science and Technology, Radar, the Vengeance Weapon Program paving way for modern day Rockets, Atomic Bombs paving the way for Nuclear Energy and now the Electromagnetic Railgun paving the way for a Mass Driver.

  3. #755702014-05-13 20:03:49--Jack-- said:

    I've actually just ran into a different article about this.

    West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse is under way

    The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, which holds enough water to raise global seas by several feet, is thinning. Scientists have been warning of its collapse, based on theories, but with few firm predictions or timelines.

    The fast-moving Thwaites Glacier will likely disappear in a matter of centuries, researchers say, raising sea level by nearly 2 feet. That glacier also acts as a linchpin on the rest of the ice sheet, which contains enough ice to cause another 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 meters) of global sea level rise.

  4. #756842014-05-14 23:22:26Teil said:

    I stumbled across this a little earlier today. HOVERCRAFTS! They are set for release in 2017~ and only for a low, low price of about $85,000. You can also decide to reserve one for a deposit of $5000 if you so choose. Hover

  5. #763892014-05-22 00:14:18--Jack-- said:

    GIF of the path of orbit of the asteroid J002E3 that came in close contact with Earth in 2003... and will return in 2032.


  6. #801892014-07-14 00:19:11--Jack-- said:


    Wow I didn't notice that! But it was probably the moon and the asteroid crossing paths on two different planes, just not that we could see since it's 2d.

  7. #763932014-05-22 00:39:40Teil said:

    "Would you eat a stem cell burger?"

    Also known as "Schmeat," numerous organizations have already turned towards the idea of growing meat from stem cells as an alternative food source. What do you guys think of this possibility and where do you think it could take us as a society?

    Schmeat.., Schmeat... a nightmarish treat! Much better than Soylent, just heat it and eat!! Cows and Hog are now obsolete. And poultry we'll no longer mistreat!! The future is NOW So eat your SCHMEAT! Just one taste, you'll dance in the street!!

  8. #763962014-05-22 01:32:52gawd_daym said:

    Stem cell meat has lots of promise. It could stop all these diseases that are caused by the death of animals. It would be a lot more safer and animal rights activists wouldn't have as much problems with meat as they do now, but I'm not sure if people would want to eat it. I live in a town full of people that eat meat regularly, and I'm sure they wouldn't even try this. It probably might taste the exact same as meat cut straight off of a cow, but the sound of stem cell meat sounds a bit unappetizing.

    Stem cell meat also seems and sounds like it would be expensive to buy on a regular basis, but I would gladly try it. And if it tastes decent, I would eat it a bit more often.

  9. #763972014-05-22 02:18:56 *--Jack-- said:

    One of the only claims against it is the taste. It's very lean, since no fat is actually in it. Probably very healthy compared to a regular burger.

  10. #997452016-02-28 08:02:56Tadashi said:

    This might solve a lot of problems if it goes viral but I am a bit skeptical of the nutritional benefit that stem cell food can actually provide. Proteins are easy enough to replicate in a lab but there is a lot more to meat than that.

  11. #765102014-05-23 04:39:55--Jack-- said:

    Glow in the Dark Nuclear Soap

    Available at ThinkGeek


    Contains (bars) uranium (glows green), plutonium (glows blue), and a fallout shelter sign (glows white). Of course, it doesn't actually contain any of those things.

    Actual ingredients: Coconut oil, castor oil, safflower oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, purified water, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, sorbitan oleate, soy bean protein, zinc sulfide, copper chloride, color, fragrance.


  12. #774302014-06-02 15:15:02Rinneko said:

    I wonder how the signal processor sifts out the specific thoughts aimed at piloting the airplane. Can you imagine all the things that could go out of whack if the wrong thoughts were conveyed?

  13. #997462016-02-28 08:14:42Tadashi said:

    It would make more sense if it used body language as an indication of direction. For example,the plane would simply maneuver to the direction you are looking. I'm not sure how it would regulate speed. Perhaps it could sense changes in posture (leaning forward=going faster etc.). But actually reading your thoughts does not seem possible with modern science. While it can be recorded and analyzed, we have no concrete standards and patterns by which brain activity can be processed by machines.