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The Science Thread

  1. #1009102016-03-30 19:14:58 *123-456-7890 said:

    This video talks about how modern society, which is mainly constructed through science and technology, is governed mainly by politicians that are ignorant of science and technology.

    I recommend to watch the whole thing. Also, tag me if you respond.

  2. #1014552016-04-20 03:59:43 *Lieutenant said:


    What you see is a kinesin motor protein, dragging a vesicle with endorphins along a microtubule in the inner part of the brain, which creates happiness. You're looking at happiness.

  3. #1022552016-05-10 05:38:55Lieutenant said:

    @Kuroba_Loki so I googled your question

    The closest that the eight planets will come to being aligned will occur on May 6, 2492. Additionally, the five planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury will be in the same part of the sky on 8 September 2040.

  4. #1081892016-11-26 06:57:45 *--Jack-- said:

    Yes, the EM drive is a real technological mystery. Essentially, the EM drive is a sealed container pumped full of microwaves, and for every thousand or so watts, there is a small amount of push. Literal force, measured in Newtons. Energy directly to force. This only works in space, mind you, as gravity and wind resistance were too much for their smaller designs to handle. Maybe it could work down on earth but it would potentially use ridiculous amounts of energy.

    But yes, physicists don't know why it works and its supposedly violating some important preconceived ideas on physics. It simply works. Theories assume its some form of EM interaction with dark matter, or another force of physics we do not understand, and literally never will be able to.