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  1. Nisekoi love battle: Team Onodera vs Team Chitoge

    #751142014-05-08 02:15:23 *Zyxx23 said:

    So a lot of my friends who are Nisekoi fans, actually all of them, are really obsessed at this Team Chitoge or Team Onodera thing. So much so that they always debate about it when the topic arises. So I was wondering which side are the people in the CL community is on. Pick one and defend your answer if you like. For me, I choose neither. I just wanna know who Raku ends up with. So, place your bets people. Who do you chose to end up with Raku? Chitoge or Onodera?

    For those who doesn't know the anime Nisekoi, the story revolve around a high school boy named Raku who is the son of a yakuza boss. He made a promise to a girl when he was a kid. Together with that promise was a lock which Raku always carry around with him. And the key to that lock was given to the girl he made a promise with. Now while he is in highschool, he finds out girls possessing keys entering his life. One of them is Onodera who is his crush and classmate. Another one is Chitoge, who is the daughter of a mob boss and who is forced to be Raku's pretend girlfriend so that the two families would get along and not kill each other.

  2. #751162014-05-08 02:25:41 *Kip said:

    i don't know what Nisekoi is. could you elaborate more and explain the two sides better, and what the goal they apparently have is?

  3. #764352014-05-22 12:41:07Dark-B said:

    @effect I can tell you right now, with just basic knowledge on Nisekoi that this love story doesn't resemble the same love story in Toradora, at all.

    How does it even come close for you?

  4. #764412014-05-22 14:54:10Dark-B said:

    @effect So, after completely making you shut up in chat, this is what you have to tell me right now? That my arguments have "no power here", which I frankly do not understand. You mean just to tell me that when you couldn't even come up with a reply for me in chat it was because I had power while in here, I simply don't have the power to argue?

    Let's just discuss this then on here:

    Nisekoi's story doesn't resemble that of Toradora in the least, and that is quite simple:

    Toradora is about two people, who both happen to be friends with each other's crushes. So, what do they do? They decide to help each other out so everyone is happy. Gradually, they start falling for each other and before you know it, they distance themselves away from one another because they feel as though they would be betraying their friends, And after a lot of fights here and there, a lot of heart breaking, their friends come to realize that they are perfect to one another, as well as these two.

    Now, tell me just how Nisekoi resembles that? I happen to remember you saying stuff about how "Toradora's love is the same because they both think they love a girl, then they end up with a tsundere". So you'd compare two different romantic anime shows in terms of plot points with something this broad, instead of going into detail? Happens to be the case of most anime if that was it. So, what does this leave us? Oh yeah, letting you in for how similar anime in the same system goes:

    Basically, if you talk about Love Hina and how it is the same love as Nisekoi, then you would be correct to a degree. Sure, there is no arranged love or anything in Love Hina, but the story is as follows, the protagonist makes a promise with his childhood friend as a child, grows up trying to fulfill and find her, forgets how she looks or who she is and along the way he doesn't notice it's the Tsundere he's forced to be with the entire time until the end, while also having a side character that is thought of as the girl of his childhood dreams. That's kind of not specific, but isn't that a more similar description for Nisekoi's love story?

    So now tell me, anything else you would like to say, I hope it's a reply with a case and basis, or anything showing a bit sign of intelligence.

  5. #766092014-05-24 15:33:32 *Kuro46 said:

    I'm wit Team Onoderaaa!!!! (^∀^)

    If you're not current with the manga, read no further!! But do read for my defensive argument! :))

    Yui asked Raku that if he knew who the girl he made the promise with was, would he be able to love her for who she is now. In the present, Raku likes Onodera, yet he wants to know who he made the promise with. If he were to know, would he change his feelings in a heartbeat if it wasn't Onodera and was someone else? I wouldn't like to think that his feelings were of that low caliber!!

    And c'mon, Onodera is so cute!!!

    (I'm not saying I dislike Marika or Yui-sensei, and I actually like Chitoge too!!)

    Agreed with @Momimochi , absolutely Shu x Ruri!!!!