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  1. Burn (Documentary)

    #751412014-05-08 09:01:14 *Kirn said:

    Hello, one and all! As you know, if I post documentaries about some issues, I prefer the ones that are more or less global. Like, affecting the whole world or at least the whole of US, seeing how these documentaries I post are mostly made there. Still, I figure, at time it can be alright to post something about just one city. So, saying all this, let's go and see Detroit burning to the ground!

    The executive producer of this movie is Denis Leary who is a stand-up comedian and an actor. In 1999 Leary's cousin and childhood friend who were firefighters died in Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse fire. That obviously impacted the guy, so he started the Leary Firefighters Foundation raising awareness of people and gathering donations for firefighters equipment. And that's pretty much what he's also doing here - raising people's awareness about the state of Detroit firefighting department and getting part of the profits from the movie for his foundation to get better equipment for those people.
    So. I am not American and obviously I don't really know, but from what I hear occasionally I understand that some time ago Detroit was a really great and cool city, and now it's fucked with population drop and high crime rate and whatnot. And it seems that in fire-fighting area the city is fucked also - exactly because of the population drop. A lot of houses in Detroit have no residents, and noone is keeping an eye on them, and a lot of them catch fire. And there is not nearly enough firemen or funding to really deal with this. And, quite honestly, that's the whole point the movie is making.
    As it is with movie like this, we explore the general problem while also looking at the lives of some specific people too. We are shown the firefighter trying to recover from crippling injury, we see the guy who is going to retire this year, we follow the decisions of new fire department chief who is new to the city and has to gain trust of people he is supposed to lead. Quite honestly, in itself there's nothing special about the way the movie is structured. It is supposed to tell us about troubles of firemen in the city, and it really does. Knowing you people, most of you would get bored quickly. Still, there are some moments with extremely good montage showing just a short intense episodes of firefighting, and I have to say - those would pick you right up. Very well made those are, and the movie would have benefited from having more of those.
    Obviously, if you are interested in this theme - you should watch this. If you are interested in Detroit in general - you also should watch this. If you are interested in just looking at some cool shots of stuff on fire - you will find some very nice ones here too.

    Warning: the movie contains strong language. Obviously, when people are fighting the fucking infernos daily, they tend to swear. Comes with the job.