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  1. CL Updates: May 2014

    #752392014-05-09 19:45:10 *DarkChaplain said:

    Dear Users~

    CL has undergone some subtle, but hopefully effective, changes over the last few weeks.
    Keeping up with changes can be difficult for the regular user, so I've decided to make this thread for you. It is supposed to inform you of the updates Staff made, and what is currently being worked on, while also giving you an opportunity to give feedback.

    Please note that some of these changes have been done over the course of April, but haven't really been touched on yet. I will include them for completeness.
    I will not go into detail about projects on this thread, however.

    Let's go right ahead!


    Some users will know that I have been tinkering with Chat for a few months, testing different layouts for the chat functionality and navigation. In April, @Warlock and I worked on getting some of these changes into the CL Chat for good.

    You will now find a "Mode" button at the top of the Chat page, next to the Sound setting and Logo:

    The different options in the Dropdown Menu will lead you to various chat styles. Currently, we offer the Default chat you have been using for years, as well as Compact (my favorite), which aims to move all chat functionality to the top area while freeing up more space for the chat timeline.
    The SHODAN mode... well, look for yourselves, but don't get scared!

    Static Pages

    On the Main Site, we have restyled the Static Pages. Previously, only the About page was styled nicely, leaving the FAQ, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages badly formatted and a chore to read.

    From now on, all pages should be far more accessible and better readable. Navigating the fineprint and help areas will thus be easier than ever.

    Additionally, there are two NEW pages for you to explore!

    The User Guide

    One of these new pages is the User Guide.
    This one has been in development since April 1st, mainly being worked on by myself.

    It is the new landing page for newly-created accounts. New users will be redirected to it automatically after signing up, which will hopefully help them find their way around the site, and set up their profiles.
    It also includes tips for text formatting and the general use of the forum and chat, which may also be helpful for older and returning members, so please give it a read.

    If you have a suggestion for further tips to be put onto the page, please send a PM to one of our Moderators or Admins. You can find the full list of ALL Staff members on the second new page, created today.

    The Staff Page

    Previously, we had Staff listed as a section on the About page, and an unstyled list at the end of the FAQ. The FAQ now only mentions the administrators, and refers to the Staff page for the full list.
    The About page still features the old list (which @Gargron created and styled in ~2013, thanks to him for that!), as it credits owners and artists who have contributed to CL in the past.

    The Staff page, however, also lists all our current Rangers. In the past, it wasn't easy to find out which Rangers we actually had. Asking around would usually result in a few names given, but it was far from convenient or complete.

    Now we will keep track of Rangers as part of the Staff page, making it very easy for you to find out who is in charge of keeping the peace on chat. All listed Users are clickable and linked to their profiles.

    Staff Changes

    The site Staff itself has undergone a few changes as well. The Moderator team is down to 7 members, and @DarkChaplain has been lifted to Admin status, to help @Warlock out and ease stress and arguments while increasing flexibility and responsiveness.

    We said our goodbyes to the three mods who left the team - @Lycan, @someone and @n1xx - and wish them all the best, and hope they will stick around as part of the community. Thank you for your past work as members of staff, you three!

    We will not be holding new moderator applications for the foreseeable future!
    This may come as kind of a bummer for some ambitious users, but right now, we would like to improve staff's inner workings and procedure before opening up room for further new moderators. Your time to apply will surely come in the future, but it may be a while until then.

    Code Changes

    As you might have noticed over the last few days, Chat has been a fickle mistress. This was not due to errors or problems, but down to @Warlock tinkering with the code.
    Thanks to his work, we are now more able to keep banned members out of chat and the site.

    This will hopefully mean that we are better equipped to ensure the safety of our users.

    Future Possibilities

    While the changes on the pages are all well and good so far, we are still looking into improvements to them.
    @TeruShinozaki has offered to provide further Server-tan / Server-kun artworks to go with the walls of text, similar to Kip's Server-tan sitting on the User Guide page.
    As mentioned earlier, we are accepting further tips and ideas for the pages as well, so if you want to chip in feedback, you are very welcome to.

    Furthermore, Staff is in talks about changes and clarifications to the site Rules to better encapsulate CL's needs. This, however, is a lengthy process full of brainstorming and debate. We will keep you informed once we reach results.

    This concludes our recent site updates. Hopefully this did a fine job keeping you up to date. Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions in this thread. —DC

  2. #752512014-05-09 20:06:04Kirn said:

    Ah, this makes me feel all warm inside. Back in the day I tried to make staff make proper goddamn reports on code changes, features and the like. So, that's one more thing to scratch of the list of things I am constantly frustrated about.

    You may want to sticky it for a few days so it would not go down and more people would see it. Or maybe just link it though announcements.

  3. #752672014-05-09 22:42:41Kip said:

    this is awesome~ thank you for making this thread, and also making so many helpful changes to the site! i'm seriously looking forward to more improvements on CL, and these updates are definitely useful too, i'm glad that the community gets to know what's going on and can officially be informed that there is maintenance going on.

    now if only people check the thread instead of skipping the announcement and going right to chat as they seem to like doing~

  4. #754272014-05-12 01:59:30DarkChaplain said:

    I don't think the people actually interested in CL will skip reading announcements, especially not if they are short and to the point, while also featuring an image that works with the announcement.

    Nobody can force those lazy, uninterested, unengaged people to read the announcements or threads, but if we stopped making announcements just because some people may not bother, we'd be even worse than them. Staff has the responsibility to keep people informed of changes, events and so on.

  5. #752692014-05-09 23:01:18Teil said:

    Very informative. Great job with this thread. The various updates and changes look great, especially the User Guide. Looking forward to what you and the other staff have in store for us in the future. Keep up the good work!

  6. #752852014-05-10 05:29:09Rinneko said:

    Lovely to see all the changes consolidated on one thread. Helpful, and informative. I'm happy that the changes many people have been pushing for and looking forward to have been implemented. Thank you to both the administrators, and all the moderators for your hard work as usual! :) It's also great to see that the full list of rangers are duely known on the page.

  7. #753952014-05-11 10:46:56judar said:

    The User Guide page and the Staff page looks snazzy and the thread is a cool idea too; I'm pretty sure that a lot of people appreciate the effort you all go to with this site :'^)

  8. #754422014-05-12 07:27:13 *Warlock said:

    We've been able to pull off some major changes. I didn't think we'd be able to get all of this done so fast, but we pulled through. Thanks everyone in staff for sticking with it!

    Future updates from me regarding site code modifications will most likely include cookie auth refreshing after certain periods, a better mute function that will actually kick users from chat, and logging for commands by staff. I would also like to thank @Trev for clarifying some things with Ruby after asking.

    As always, if anyone has any issues with these changes, please message We're always willing to listen to user feedback.