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Parent: Choose: Love vs Money

  1. #754612014-05-12 19:27:50 *Kuroba_Loki said:

    Depends on the amount of love and money present.

    True Love is truly a Once in a lifetime happening. This means that you love your partner strongly that you're ready to commit and spend the rest of your life with them.

    While this is true, even if it did happen, but your social status are not equal, then you two can be together, unless you fight for it, which will result..more or less, you two going on your own, with no backbone sponsor (in case of emergencies), no advice from the elderly, no nothing.

    You're literally on your own.

    Usually, this doesn't bode well, but if you do manage to put up with it and survive, then good for you.

    But for those that don't, it usually results on blame games, then angst, then drama, then eventual separation due to reasons. After which, both parties would return to their own families, which will result in a big "I told you so" by at least one family member.

    So...yeah, it depends