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Parent: The Science Thread

  1. #763932014-05-22 00:39:40Teil said:

    "Would you eat a stem cell burger?"

    Also known as "Schmeat," numerous organizations have already turned towards the idea of growing meat from stem cells as an alternative food source. What do you guys think of this possibility and where do you think it could take us as a society?

    Schmeat.., Schmeat... a nightmarish treat! Much better than Soylent, just heat it and eat!! Cows and Hog are now obsolete. And poultry we'll no longer mistreat!! The future is NOW So eat your SCHMEAT! Just one taste, you'll dance in the street!!

  2. #763962014-05-22 01:32:52gawd_daym said:

    Stem cell meat has lots of promise. It could stop all these diseases that are caused by the death of animals. It would be a lot more safer and animal rights activists wouldn't have as much problems with meat as they do now, but I'm not sure if people would want to eat it. I live in a town full of people that eat meat regularly, and I'm sure they wouldn't even try this. It probably might taste the exact same as meat cut straight off of a cow, but the sound of stem cell meat sounds a bit unappetizing.

    Stem cell meat also seems and sounds like it would be expensive to buy on a regular basis, but I would gladly try it. And if it tastes decent, I would eat it a bit more often.

  3. #763972014-05-22 02:18:56 *--Jack-- said:

    One of the only claims against it is the taste. It's very lean, since no fat is actually in it. Probably very healthy compared to a regular burger.

  4. #997452016-02-28 08:02:56Tadashi said:

    This might solve a lot of problems if it goes viral but I am a bit skeptical of the nutritional benefit that stem cell food can actually provide. Proteins are easy enough to replicate in a lab but there is a lot more to meat than that.