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  1. 2 Words Game

    #766912014-05-25 12:30:24 *JacquelineGraye said:

    Ok this is a relatively popular forum game on the internet, I thought I'd spread it on here too since it doesn't seem to be on here.

    The Game :

    Each poster will post two words, and will take the last word and use it to post another two words. For example, if I started with Microsoft windows, the next person will go as so:

    Post 1- Microsoft Windows

    Post 2- Window Blinds

    Post 3- Blind mice

    Get the idea?

    The Rules:

    • There can be no "IMPLIED WORDS" in between the two words, An example of an implied word would be "Mice (and) Men.

    • You can add or remove plurals. For example "Mice" - "Mouse"

    • Suffixes can be changed, such as "Catcher" to "Catching"

    • You can NOT loop words such as "Shattered Dreams" to "Dreams Shattering"

    • All sentences MUST be grammatically correct.

    • People! Please be considerate of the person after you. Do Not put impossible word.

    Starting Words:

    Dog Days